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Maria Lampropulos became a millionaire this weekend thanks to the Argentinian triumphing in the £6 million guaranteed partypoker MILLIONS Main Event.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Maria Lampropulos Argentina £1,000,000
2 Jacob Mulhern United Kingdom £650,000
3 Jeremy Pantin Trinidad and Tobago £450,000
4 Mateusz Rypulak Poland £320,000
5 Jon Spinks United Kingdom £220,000
6 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom £150,000
7 Katie Swift United Kingdom £100,000
8 Neel Murthy USA £72,395

It was American Neel Murthy who was the first player to bust from the eight-handed final table. At the 2,500,000/5,000,000/500,000a level, Lampropulos opened to 11 million with a pair of red kings and Murthy three-bet to 31 million with seven-five offsuit from the big blind. Lampropulos called and then called a 22 million continuation bet on the all-heart ten-nine-deuce flop. On the four of clubs turn, Murthy moved all-in for 83.5 million, Lampropulos called and Murthy was drawing dead. The ace of clubs completed the board and Murthy left the tournament with a £72,395 prize.

One of the two female players to reach the final table, Katie Swift, was the next player eliminated. Swift was down to approximately seven-and-a-half big blinds and moved all-in with a pair of tens. Jeremy Panton called from the small blind with a pair of queens, which held, to end Swift’s incredible run in seventh place, a finish good for £100,000.

Almost immediately after Swift’s exit, Stephen Chidwick fell by the wayside. Pantin opened to 11 million, Chidwick three-bet all-in for 146.5 million from the small blind and Mateusz Rypulak re-shoved for 192.3 million from the big blind. Pantin let his hand go and watched on as Chidwick’s ace-queen failed to improve against the black kings in the hand of Poland’s Rypulak.

Fifth-place and £220,000 went to Jon Spinks who saw his pocket kings cracked by the ace-seven offsuit of Pantin before Mateusz Rypulak crashed out in fourth place for £320,000 when he committed his chips with eight-seven on a ten-seven-five flop only to see Lampropulos make the call with queen-ten. Another ten on the turn ensured Lampropulos would win the hand and Rypulak bust.

Rypulak’s exit locked up the £100,000 last longer competition for Jacob Mulhern as both players had qualified via partypoker with a Golden Chip in their hands. The last Golden Chip in play was worth a £100,000 cash boost.

Heads-up was set when Pantin’s luck finally gave out. At the 4,000,000/8,000,000/800,000a level, Pantin raised with king-jack and was called by Lampropulos with ace-three. Lampropulos then check-called a 22 million et on the queen-four-three flop, both players checked the ace turn before Lampropulos led for 35 million on the deuce of spade river. Pantin moved all-in for 117.3 million and Lampropulos made the called to send Pantin home in third place.

The stacks were almost even going into heads-up and the lead changed hands several times before Lampropulos made a big call with a pair of nines on a ten-high board that had three diamonds to gain a two-to-one chip advantage.

The final hand of the partypoker MILLIONS at Dusk Till Dawn saw a raising war result in Lampropulos four-bet all-in with and Mulhern call off his remaining 40 big blinds with . A final board reading bust Mulhern in second place and left Lampropulos to become the partypoker MILLIONS champion, an accolade that came with a £1 million first-place prize.

Players have the chance to play for a CAD$5 million guaranteed prize pool in the partypoker Million North America Main Event. The next online Day 1 takes place at partypoker on Sunday 30 April with live Day 1s commencing on Friday 5 May at the Playground Poker Club.


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  1. She looks so uncomfortable in that picture :(
    I’m very happy that a woman won a huge event though. We need more of this. More female winners, more celebrity winners, another Chris MoneyMaker story. Something. ANYTHING to get the interest back into this game.