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Brazil’s Rodrigo Seiji is the latest PartyPoker star to walk away with a MILLIONS Online title and a huge sum of money after taking down the $1,050 buy-in MILLIONS Online #10 6-Max PKO Championship.

The high-stakes event drew in 534 players, who helped ensure the $500,000 guaranteed was surpassed by $34,000. Seventy-nine players returned to the PartyPoker virtual felt on September 19 knowing they were only a few hours of poker away from being crowned a MILLIONS Online champion.

Team PartyPoker’s Yuri Dzivielevski reached the final day but busted relatively early on. Also missing out on a spot at the seven-handed final table were players such as Alex Kulev, Ole Schemion, Sami Kelopuro, our very own Jaime Staples, and Samuel Vousden.

Malta-based Swedish star Joakim Andersson was the first of the seven finalists to bow out. The action started with Timo Kamphues min-raising to 2,400,000 in the cutoff with , Marius Kudzmanas flat-calling on the button with , and Anderson calling from the big blind with . A flop reading saw the action check to Kudzmanas, who bet 2,880,000, and only Andersson called. The turn saw Andersson check, Kudzmanas move all-in, and Andersson call off what was a little over a pot-sized bet. Andersson was in front, but the river counterfeited Andersson’s hand, and he was gone.

Sixth-place went to Team PartyPoker’s Patrick Leonard, who sat down at the final table with a short stack. Leonard raised to 4,800,000, leaving himself a shade under 1,200,000 behind. Leonard called off those chips when Kampheus three-bet enough to set Leonard all-in. It was for Leonard and the dominated for Kamphues. Four diamonds on the board improved Kampheus to an unlikely flush, and sent Leonard to the rail.

Kamphues was the next casualty of the final table. He lost a series of posts to leave him busing a short stack, but kept managing to keep his head above water. That was until a battle of the blinds with Seiji resulted in Kamphues heading for the exits. The action folded to Seiji in the small blind and he open-shoved for 15 big blinds effective, doing so with . Kampheus instantly called all-in with and looked set for anther double-up. However, the community cards had other ideas, and they fell .

Fourth place was decided soon after Kamphues’ demise, and it went to Kudzmanas. Seiji open-jammed from the button with what turned out to be , and Kudzmanas called off his last ten big blinds with from the small blind. Seiji increased his stack when the board ran .

The remaining three players guaranteed themselves not only a sizeable cash prize from the pot but also a Party Ape NFT for their efforts, a cool prize to say the least. Third-place was as deep as Malta’s Ricardo Arraiano would progress. Of course, it was Seiji that eliminated Arraiano.

From the button, Arraiano moved all-in for 8.5 big blinds with , and Seiji called from the big blind with , creating one of tournament poker’s many coinflips. The flip went Seiji’s way courtesy of the run out.

That hand gave Seiji a monster-sized chip advantage over Finland’s Andreas Nasman; Seiji held 455,786,576 chips to Nasman’s 71,552,528. The difference in stacks proved too much for Nasman to overcome, and he ultimately fell in second place.

The final hand was typical of how Seiji had been running at the final table. Nasman made it 5,500,000 to go with and called with Seiji three-bet to 18,750,000 with the superior . The flop saw Seiji lead for 12,582,900, and Nasman call. Seiji checked the turn before calling the 10,000,000 stab from Nasman. Seiji checked again on the river, before instantly calling the 37,697,156 shove from Nasman.

MILLIONS Online #10 6-Max PKO Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Rodrigo Seiji Brazil $59,601 $37,209 $96,810
2 Andreas Nasman Finland $5,875 $37,155 $43,030
3 Ricardo Arraiano Malta $6,109 $25,225 $31,334
4 Marius Kudzmanas Ireland $9,140 $16,667 $25,807
5 Timo Kamphues Austria $10,617 $11,463 $22,080
6 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom $4,703 $8,916 $13,619
7 Joakim Andersson Malta $2,250 $6,451 $8,701

Nemeth Claims Main Event Day 1C Chip Lead

Day 1C of the $2 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online Main Event saw another 159 PartyPoker players buy in for $3,200, taking the total attendance to 428 so far. Only 24 of the 159 Day 1C players made it through to Day 2, and nobody finished the flight with more chips than the Hungarian superstar Andras Nemeth.

Nemeth turned his 1 million starting stack into 17,982,932 chips by the time the curtain came down on the day’s proceedings. The Hungarian’s massive stack places him second in chips overall, trailing only the colossal 27,674,473 chips in Gabriele Re’s possession.

Day 1C was chosen by some of poker’s elite to start their MILLIONS Online journey. Canada’s Rayan Chamas (15,198,278) finished Day 1C second in chips, while the like of Dimitar Danchev (13,184,869), MILLIONS South America champion Pablo Silva (11,808,611), Marius Gierse (9,042,766), and Benjamin Rolle (8,016,491) finished Day 1C with top ten stacks.

Team PartyPoker’s Patrick Leonard (3,542,924) punched his Day 2 ticket, as did Niklas Astedt (6,549,411), Nino Ullmann (6,321,502), Christopher Frank (2,474,804), and Daan Mulders (2,293,029).

Day 1D shuffles up and deals at 19:05 BST on September 25, with a 15x $3,200 seat guaranteed satellite starting two hours earlier. Win your way into that satellite for only $0.01.

MILLIONS Online #05 Main Event Day 1C Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Andras Nemeth Hungary 17,982,932
2 Rayan Chamas Canada 15,198,278
3 Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria 13,184,869
4 Pablo Silva Brazil 11,808,611
5 Aleksandr Zhilin Argentina 11,611,570
6 Marius Gierse Austria 9,042,766
7 Saimonas Norvaisas United Kingdom 8,607,128
8 Benjamin Rolle Austria 8,016,491
9 Patrick Hyllegaard Denmark 7,209,515
10 Bernardo Dias Brazil 7,107,565

Remaining MILLIONS Online Main Event Schedule

Date Time (BST) Tournament
Sun 25 Sep 19:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1D
Mon 26 Sep 14:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1E
17:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1 Turbo

Hoefer Excels on Mini Main Event Day 1C; Leads Overall

We are hard-pressed to find a PartyPoker player who enjoyed themselves more this weekend than Paul Hoefer, who not only clinched the MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event Day 1C chip lead but now leads the $500,000 guaranteed tournament overall.

Fifty-three of the 361 Day 1C players progressed to Day 2, with everyone now in Hoefer’s wake. Hoefer finished his flight with a most impressive stack of 27,477,141 chips, over nine million more than Andrea Oriol in second place.

Day 1C was the flight of choice for Jerry Odeen (16,142,769), Dan Stacey (14,668,206), Timo Kamphues (12,346,406), and Ognyan Dimov (11,095,925), who all finished with a top ten stack.

Further down the chip counts but also safely through are the likes of Nino Ullmann (7,365,548), Sylvain Loosli (4,803,128), Diego Cuellar (1,982,3335), and Gediminas Uselis (1,684,510).

Like the $3,200 Main Event, the next $320 Mini Main Event starts at 19:05 BST on September 28 with a 30x $320 seat guaranteed satellite kicking off two hours earlier. Again, feeders from $0.01 are available right now.

MILLIONS Online #06 Mini Main Event Day 1C Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Paul Hoefer Austria 27,477,141
2 Andrea Oriol Argentina 18,667,559
3 Lauren McPherson Mexico 16,838,025
4 Jerry Odeen Sweden 16,142,769
5 Dan Stacey United Kingdom 14,668,206
6 Paulo Sousa Brazil 12,916,234
7 Timo Kamphues Austria 12,346,406
8 Karim Maekelberg Belgium 11,423,134
9 Kristoffer Edberg Sweden 11,126,424
10 Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria 11,095,925

Remaining MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event Schedule

Date Time (BST) Tournament
Sun 25 Sep 19:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1D
Mon 26 Sep 14:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1E
17:05 MILLIONS Online Main Event Day 1 Turbo


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Multiplier 1st Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $60 cash 698,710
3.63 $109 MILLIONS Online ticket 239,540
5.4 $162 MILLIONS Online ticket 40,000
10.67 $320 MILLIONS Online ticket 15,000
17.67 $530 MILLIONS Online ticket 5,000
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