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The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America Main Event has crowned its champion and that champion is Pablo Brito Silva. The Brazilian emerged victoriously from a star-studded field to secure a $1,000,000 payout and the coveted MILLIONS trophy.

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America Main Event Final Table

Place Player Country Prize
1 Pablo Brito Silva Brazil $1,000,000
2 Fabio Colonese Brazil $640,000
3 Daniel Rezaei Austria $435,000
4 Fabian Gumz Germany $310,000
5 Andres Viola Argentina $230,000
6 Sergio Luis Di Pego Argentina $170,00
7 Dzmitry Urbanovich Poland $130,000
8 Pedro Madeira Brazil $100,000
9 Rafael Caiaffa Brazil $80,000

Silva only had $41,776 in live poker tournament winnings coming into this tournament. That came from a third-place finish in an R$2,300 buy-in event in November 2019. Now Silva has a seven-figure score to brag about and goes into the MILLIONS history books.

A total of 65 players saw a return on their $10,300 investment. These included such luminaries as Jack Sinclair, Ivan Luca, and Romanian pro Mihai Manole.

Team partypoker pros Day Kotoviezy, Roberto Romanello, and Richard Dubini also navigated their way into the money. Dubini went the deepest of that trio, falling in 17th for $35,000.

Silva Third In Chips at the Final Table

Eight players returned to the action on the final day with Silva in third-place. Austria’s Daniel Rezaei held a colossal 154,400,000 chips, more than twice the amount of nearest rival Fabian Gumz.

partypoker pro Dzmitry Urbanovich reached the final table with 14,700,000 chips and with a lot of work to do.

Urbanovich managed to ladder when Pedro Madeira fell in eighth-place. Madeira jammed for 18,200,000 from the hijack with and Andres Viola re-shoved for 44,100,000 with in the cutoff. Everyone else folded, Viola flopped an ace and Madeira busted in eighth-place.

Quadzilla Busts Urbanovich

You may as well bust in style if you’re going to exit a poker tournament, which is what Urbanovich did. Our talented Pole opened to 3,500,000 with , Gumz called in the small blind before Rezaei shove for 55,300,000 from the big blind with . Urbanovich called off his 44,000,000 stack and Gumz folded.

Razaei flopped quad nines, leaving Urbanovich drawing dead with two community cards to come. Ouch.

Sergio Luis Di Pego was the next player eliminated, busting at the hands of Fabio Colonese. The latter opened from the cutoff to 4,000,000with and Di Pego jammed for 21,000,000 on the button with . Colonese called immediately and was rewarded with a board for a straight.

Fifth-place and a cool $230,000 went to Andres Viola. Colonese raised to 4,000,000 from the button with and called when Viola three-bet to 15,000,000 with . Both players checked the flop. Viola led for 9,000,000 on the turn and Colonese raised to 41,000,000. Viola called and looked set to double because Colonese needed a six or ten to win. The comppleted the board and sent Viola to the cahsier’s desk.

Cooler Hand Busts Gumz

German star Gumz as the next to fall and in relatively cruel circumstances. Rezaei raised to 5,000,000 from the cutoff before calling when Gum moved all-in for 60,000,000 from the big blind. It was for Gumz and the dominating for Rezaei. A final board reading meant Rezaei’s king-kicker played and Gumz was gone.

Rezaei would have been a worthy champion but he ran out of steam to exit in third-place. Silva looked down at on the button and raised to 8,000,000. Rezaei jammed for 139,500,000 with in the small blind and Silva called. Silva’s hand remained best on the board, sending Rezaei to the rail and the tournament into heads-up.

Silva Leads Race to Become a Millionaire

That penultimate elimination gave Silva a massive chip lead and left Colonese with a mountain to climb.

Colonese’s only viable option to was all-in or fold, which he resorted to. The final hand saw Silva cleverly limp with and Colonese fell into the trap and pushed with . Silva snap-called. Silva flopped a boat with the first three community cards falling . The turn and river completed the board and busted Colonese in second-place.

Colonese banked $640,000 for his runner-up finish with Silva banking an incredible $1,000,000 and the title.

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