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Team partypoker’s Kristen Bicknell is an immense all-round poker player, one who has crushed online cash games and tournaments in equal measure. When Kristen talks cash game, people’s ears prick up and take note because she certainly knows the score when it comes to being a winning player.

Kristen has been so kind to take some time away from terrorising opponents at the felt to pen five cash game tips you can apply to your game. Keep reading to discover what those tips are.

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Be selective with your starting hands in cash games

Depending on how many players are at the table, and your position, you will want to widen or narrow your pre-flop range. Don’t play hands because you’re bored or tilting. If you aren’t sure, there are plenty of resources that can show you what appropriate ranges should look like according to position. You can make your life very difficult if you open yourself up to playing multi-way pots out of position with weak starting hands.

Cash game advice: Mind your position

Like in any form of poker, position is everything. For example, you will want to take advantage of playing your button as much as you can. Being in position is a huge advantage in poker, and you want to capitalize on this as much you can.

Study your opponents

Knowing how others play is key. A snap call against one player might be a snap fold against another. You can always pay attention more to what people are doing and try to adjust your play to exploit their tendencies. There is no reason to ever feel that you are playing robotically when you are trying to learn from and adjust to your opponents.

Be aware of your own image and play accordingly

As you will be adjusting to other players, the players will adjust their play with the impressions that they have of you. If you have been folding a lot and haven’t played many hands, you can start bluffing a bit more as you probably have a tight image. If you have been playing a lot of hands and shown any bluffs, you might want to keep in mind that players might be more likely to call you.

Recognize and avoid playing if you’re tilting and it’s affecting your decisions

Poker has its ups and downs. Whenever your emotions are high, this can be from winning or losing, there is a chance your decision making may suffer. Be sure to check in with yourself and emotions and know when it’s time to quit for the day or to consciously recognize how your emotions are affecting you. Sometimes, awareness of your emotions alone can be enough to minimize tilt affecting how you play.

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