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Finnish high-stakes poker guru Sami Kelopuro is the latest superstar to shine in the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online. Kelopuro is an elite poker player that is respected and feared in equal measure. He is also now a MILLIONS Online champion after coming out on top of a 495-strong field in the $1,050 buy-in MILLIONS Online 7-Max PKO Championship, a result good for $78,653 with bounties included.

Only 74 of the 495 starters made it through to Day 2, which took place on September 12 under the watchful eyes of the popular PartyPoker Twitch stream. The Day 2 field was littered with some of the best players online poker has to offer, including Kenny Hallaert, Alexandros Theologis, our very own Jaime Staples and Patrick Leonard, Andras Nemeth, Niklas Astedt, and final table bubble boy Jans Arends.

Arends busted in eighth place after losing a coinflip with against the of Kelopuro, who flopped a Broadway straight.

MILLIONS Online #08 7-Max PKO Championship

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Sami Kelopuro Finland $43,155 $35,498 $78,653
2 Eugenio Peralta Ireland $17,139 $35,448 $52,587
3 Enrico Camosci Malta $7,427 $24,171 $31,598
4 Hristo Dimitrov Bulgaria $3,687 $16,053 $19,740
5 Rui Martins Malta $4,125 $10,971 $15,096
6 Elio Fox Mexico $2,062 $8,526 $10,588
7 Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria $13,726 $6,132 $19,858

Top three finishers also won a coveted PartyPoker Ape NFT

Ognyan Dimov was the first of the seven finalists to bow out of the competition. However, Dimov banked more prize money that the fourth place finisher thanks to accumulating $13,726 worth of bounties in addition to his $6,132 main prize pool payout.

Dimov came unstuck in a cooler hand against Eugenio Peralta. Dimov min-raised to 2,400,000 with from the hijack, and the action folded to Peralta in the small blind, who three-bet to 8,400,000 with . The action was back on Dimov, he ripped it in for 35,646,499, and Peralta snap-called. A seven-high board failed to come to Dimov’s rescue, and he fell in seventh.

Sixth place was decided 40 minutes later when Elio Fox open-shoved for 12,504,596 chips, or a shade over six big blinds, from the button with , and Enrico Camosci looked him up from the big blind with . Fox flopped an opened ended straight draw, but ultimately missed all of his outs, with Camosci hitting a seven on the river.

The dangerous Rui Martins was the next player heading for the showers, after a clash with Peralta did not go to plan. Martins min-raised to 4,000,000 under the gun with in the hole and called off the 63,345,558 chips he had behind when Peralta shoved from the small blind, covering Martins. Peralta turned over , and the tens looked set to double until the five community cards fell , gifting Peralta a wheel.

Bulgaria’s Hristo Dimitrov crashed out exactly six hours into the final day’s proceedings. The blinds were now 1,250,000/2,500,000/315,000a, and Dimitrov open-shoved for 43,484,640 from the small blind with . Kelopuro looked down at in the big blind, and there was no way he was folding. A quick call later, and the board ran to send Dimitrov to the rail.

Cruel Hand Crushes Camosci

Heads-up was set one hand after Dimitrov’s demise when Camosci clashed with Peralta in another cruel hand. Camosci min-raised to 5,000,000 with , and Peralta called in the big blind with . An action flop of saw Peralta check-call a 3,658,500 bet from Camosci. The turn improved Camosci to a Broadway straight, but that was only the start of the drama. Peralta checked, and Camosci fired a 12,500,000 bet, only for Peralta to check-raise enough to set Camosci all-in; Camosci called off the 47,248,195 chips he had behind. The dealer placed the on the river, gifting Peralta a queen-high flush, and resigning Camosci to a third-place finish.

Kelopuro held a 254,816,253 to 240,183,747 chip lad over Peralta going into the heads-up battle. The Finn enjoyed the most success in the early one-on-one clashes, and he put plenty of distance between himself and his opponent by the time the final hand played out.

With blinds of 1,750,000/3,500,000/437,500a, Kelopuro completed the small blind with , Peralta raised to 10,500,000 with , and called when Kelopuro jammed all-in, covering Peralta by more than eight-to-one. Both players connected with the flop, but the turn nor the river were what Peralta wanted to see, and he ducked out in second-place for $52,587, leaving Kelopuro to claim the $78,653 top prize.

Four Players Go PartyPoker Ape!

Kelopuro, Peralta, and Camosci each got their hands on a Party Ape NFT thanks to finishing in the top three of this amazing event. They will now compete in a special Ape-owners freeroll where 48 players battle it out for a $5,000 MILLIONS package, with the top four finishers capturing another Party Ape NFT for their troubles.

It isn’t only the aforementioned trio who are now proud Party Ape owners because Twitch viewer “Bathingalags” won one via the promotion run on Twitch during the live stream! Bathingalags correctly guessed that the Ape was hiding under card number three, and they will now join all the Party Ape winners in that special freeroll! Make sure you tune into our Twitch streams because it could result in your becoming a Party Ape owner for free!

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