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Finland’s Sami Kelopuro is no stranger to huge payouts from poker tournaments, and he helped himself to another in the WPT World Online Championships Mix-Max Championship event. Kelopuro’s victory came with a cool $204,246 made up of $81,582 from the main prize pool and an additional $121,664 worth of bounties.

Eighty-eight players returned to the partypoker virtual felt for the final day of this $2,100 buy-in affair. Team partypoker had several irons in the fire, but they wilted at various stages of the evening.

Isaac Haxton was the first player out of the door. Joao Simao, Yuri Dzivielevski, and Patrick Leonard joined Haxton on the rail, leaving Jeff Gross as the sole orange diamond in the field. Gross crashed out in tenth place for a combined score worth $8,721.

With bounties included, nobody at the six-handed final table could win less than $26,718. That is the sum awarded to Ole Schemion when he bowed out in sixth.

Stoyan Obreshkov of Bulgaria busted in fifth for $48,833, which was more than the $41,676 Simon Mattsson got his hands on thanks to Obreshkov helping himself to $21,078 worth of bounty payments.

The penultimate elimination was that of Tomi Brouk, who padded his bankroll with $60,715. Brouk’s untimely demise left Kelopuro heads-up against Daniel Smiljkovic for the title and an enormous payout.

Kelopuro sent his final opponent to the showers to clinch victory and $204,246 in prize money. Smiljkovic collected a combined $99,095 which will help soften the blow of not becoming a WPTWOC champion.

WPT #15 Mix-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Sami Kelopuro Finland $121,664 $81,582 $204,246
2 Daniel Smiljkovic Austria $17,632 $81,463 $99,095
3 Tomi Brouk Finland $5,375 $55,340 $60,715
4 Simon Mattsson Sweden $5,000 $36,676 $41,676
5 Stoyan Obreshkov Bulgaria $21,078 $24,755 $45,833
6 Ole Schemion Austria $7,609 $19,109 $26,718

Jeppsson Wins Another WPTWOC Title

Christian Jeppsson won the WPTWOC Main Event last year and now has another series gong to his name. Jeppsson navigated his way through a 1,940-strong field in the $215 buy-in Mini Mix-Max Championship, and scooped $48,982 with bounties included.

Jeppsson found himself heads-up against Shuxrat Salixov, who has put Uzbekistan well and truly on the poker map. Salixov’s runner-up finish came with a bankroll-boosting payout worth $24,075.

WPT #15 Mini Mix-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Christian Jeppsson Sweden $25,367 $23,615 $48,982
2 Shuxrat Salixov Uzbekistan $500 $23,575 $24,075
3 Erik Bakker Netherlands $2,543 $14,920 $17,463
4 Christopher Putz Austria $3,109 $9,996 $13,105
5 Valerii Kutepov Russia $715 $6,853 $7,568
6 Maksim Cheymetov Russia $4,187 $4,891 $9,078

Olin Turns $22 into $10,062

The $22 buy-in Micro Mix-Max Championship was one by Sweden’s Joakim Olin after he came out on top after two days of intense poker action. Some 4,320 players bought in, which meant the $100,000 prize pool overlaid, and Olin took full advantage of the added money.

Olin saw his partypoker balance increase by five-figures, $10,062 to be exact, despite only investing $22 in this event. Victory was his when he defeated Kristian Sheppard of the United Kingdom heads-up, resigning Sheppard to a $7,511 consolation prize.

WPT #15 Micro Mix-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Joakim Olin Sweden $3,595 $6,467 $10,062
2 Kristian Sheppard United Kingdom $1,060 $6,451 $7,511
3 Dmitriy Sukjorukov Russia $1,135 $4,032 $5,167
4 Joao Pedro Pinheiro Brazil $708 $2,688 $3,396
5 Charles Modesto Brazil $357 $1,831 $2,188
6 Philip Vennberg Sweden $765 $1,295 $2,060

Experience Shines at the Closer Final Table

Arold Experience can call himself a WPTWOC champion after the Canadian battled his way through almost 6,300 players in the $109 Closer event. Day 2 was a long affair with 933 players returning to their seats.

Seven hours and 16 minutes after Day 2 began, Experience had won each and every chip in play. His rewards for such an accomplishment? $55,802, made up of $34,295 in prize money and an additional $21,507 from the bounty prize pool.

Experience busted Ricardo Augusto Da Silva in second place to secure the title of champion. Da Silva walked away with $35,785 reasons to be delighted with him own performance.

WPT #13 Closer Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Arold Experience Canada $21,507 $34,295 $55,802
2 Ricardo Augusto Da Silva Brazil $1,558 $34,227 $35,785
3 Timothy Harold Sweden $5,991 $21,374 $27,338
4 Gabriel Cunha De Medeiros Brazil $5,868 $14,242 $20,110
5 Soren Skjoth Denmark $2,639 $9,689 $12,328
6 Bram Berkvens Netherlands $1,542 $6,846 $8,388
7 Shawn Buchanan Canada $980 $4,722 $5,702

Riberio Triumphs in the Mini Closer

There were a trio of Brazilians at the seven-handed final table of the $11 Mini Closer so it was inevitable one of them would become the tournament’s champion. That is exactly what happened because Paulo Ricardo Coelho Ribeiro finished on top of the pile and turned his $11 into $9,228.

Ribeiro’s fellow countrymen also banked four-figure sums. Mateus Nhoatto finished in sixth place for $1,593 while Wagner Souza saw his tournament end abruptly in fourth, a finish worth a combined $3,049.

WPT #13 Mini Closer Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Paulo Ricardo Coelho Ribeiro Brazil $3,197 $6,031 $9,228
2 Aleksandr Dmitriev Russia $913 $6,012 $6,925
3 Markus Altirch Mexico $496 $3,742 $4,238
4 Wagner Souza Brazil $562 $2,487 $3,049
5 Niyazbek Akhmetov Kazakhstan $240 $1,685 $1,925
6 Mateus Nhoatto Brazil $408 $1,185 $1,593
7 Jacobo Armel Martin Garcia United Kingdom $200 $811 $1,011

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