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It’s a case of all hands to the pump here at partypoker HQ with the 2020 Irish Open Online in full swing alongside POWERFEST and all our usual amazing tournaments and promotions.

We gave you a little recap of the Irish Open’s action earlier, now it’s time for a round-up of what’s been going on during POWERFEST over the past couple of days.

POWERFEST: $100K Gtd 6-Max

Team partypoker’s Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard came super close to taking down the $100,000 Gtd 6-Max event last night but had to make do with the runner-up prize instead.

Some 155 players paid $1,050 to enter this tournament, ensuring the guarantee was beaten by 55%. This meant everyone at the final table won at least $6,432, the sum collected by “theSDMsickness”.

“R_D3ck4rd” busted in fifth for $9,687, the last player not to pad their bankroll with a five-figure prize.

Swedish superstar “Greenstone25” fell in fourth for $13,175. Greenstone25 has almost $15 million in online poker tournament winnings with more than $2.2 million of that incredible sum coming from his play at partypoker.

Third-place and $18,600 went to “Dandelion32892” before Leonard lost his heads-up battle with “KETOandYOGA” so had to console himself with $26,350. Our champion banked $39,045 for their victory.

Place Player Prize
1 KETOandYOGA $39,045
2 Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard $26,350
3 Dandelion32892 $18,600
4 Greenstone25 $13,175
5 R_D3ck4rd $9,687
6 theSDMsickness $6,432

POWERFEST: $250K Gtd 6-Max PKO

“Familyman72” netted almost $40,000 for their triumph in the $250,000 Gtd 6-max PKO event.

Roberto “R_Romanello” Romanello missed out on another final table appearance when he crashed and burned in eighth-place. “Bunny_Lebowski” was the first finalist to bow out, they scooped a prize in excess of $6,200 when bounties were included.

“PhatToad” has been playing partypoker high stakes MTTs for an age and has reached many final tables. This latest appearance ended in fifth-place for a shade under $9,500.

“Promethaz1ne” and “High Level” lost their stacks and saw their partypoker accounts swell by $14,022 and $22,032 respectively.

This set up a final encounter between “SDQEL” and FamilyMan72 that the latter won, thus claiming $39,300, leaving the second-place finisher to bank $28,110.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 FamilyMan72 $20,070 $19,230
2 SDQEL $20,045 $8,065
3 High Level $14,416 $7,616
4 Promethaz1ne $10,168 $3,854
5 PhatToad $7,243 $2,313
6 Bunny_Lebowski $4,596 $1,624

POWERFEST: $200K Gtd 8-Max PKO

The POWERFEST: $200K Gtd 8-Max PKO saw two of our pros reach the final table but, sadly, they didn’t manage to come away with the victory.

Austrian sensation Josip “JozinhoPP” Simunic and Jeff “JeffGross” Gross navigated their way through the majority of the 415-strong field and reached the eight-handed final table. They were still going strong even after “Sitt Ner” and “DontDo_IT” busted, but then it all went wrong.

Simunic fell in sixth-place and walked away with a combined $7,113. Gross then joined him on the rail in fifth-place for a prize that weighed in at $8,504.

Our duo’s exit left four players in the hunt for the title. Those four became three with the elimination of “s.k..” and then heads-up was reached when “R4t4_ta” busted in third place.

“eccone” won the one-on-one clash with “relentless” and scooped a total prize worth $37,145, leaving the runner-up to secure a $16,825 prize.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 eccone $15,600 $21,545
2 relentless $15,579 $1,246
3 R4t4_ta $10,696 $6,757
4 s.k.. $7,510 $3,943
5 Jeff “JeffGross” Gross $5,371 $3,133
6 Josip “JozinhoPP” Simunic $3,914 $3,199
7 DontDo_IT $2,765 $2,563
8 Sitt Ner $2,014 $1,780

SPINS Your Way To Glory

More massive events are coming your way this week thanks to POWERFEST being extended until April 19th! Buy into the events, which you can see here, direct, win your way in via a satellite, pay for your entry with tournament dollars, or SPINS your way in for only $5. Whatever you do, play in some of the tournaments!

Multiplier 1st place prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $10 cash 651,227
3 $15 cash 257,202
4.4 $22 POWERFEST ticket 75,000
11 $55 POWERFEST ticket 10,000
21.8 $109 POWERFEST ticket 5,000
64 $320 POWERFEST ticket 1,000
106 $530 POWERFEST ticket 500
210 $1,050 POWERFEST ticket 50
420 $2,100 POWERFEST ticket 20
1,040 $5,200 POWERFEST ticket 1

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This latest edition of POWERFEST is the 11th of its kind. Each POWERFEST brings something different to the poker table and you can check out the highlights from past POWERFEST festivals here.

Will it be your alias adorning those pages once the $20 million guaranteed POWERFEST XI is done and dusted? Only you can make that happen.

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