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April 5 was an incredible day at the partypoker tables with POWERFEST creating some massive prize pools. Several members of Team partypoker reached final tables, with two of our heroes managing to walk away with POWERFEST titles. Here are some highlights of the day.

POWERFEST #223-HR: $200K Gtd PLO 6-Max

Some 127 players exchanged $2,100 for the chance to become the POWERFEST #223-HR: $200K Gtd PLO 6-Max champion. This lead to a prize pool of $254,000, $54,000 more than the advertised guarantee.

Each of the six finalists locked up more than $10,000 for their efforts. “earthling” was the first finalist to bust, they banked $10,541. “Shifoo9x” busted in fifth and collected $15,875 before “hotPIMIENTO” crashed and burned in fourth-place for a $21,590 addition to their bankroll.

Third-place and $30,480 went to “bonjogo”. This set up a heads-up battle between “JailWallet” and Team partypoker’s Ludovic “Gr4vyBo4t” Geilich. Geilich is an action-junkie and loves PLO so it was no real surprise to see him heads-up in a massive PLO event.

It was even less surprising to see him walk away with the $63,984 top prize, an incredible result. Congratulations to JailWallet too who scooped a $43,180 consolation prize.

Place Player Prize
1 Ludovic “Gr4vyBo4t” Geilich $63,984
2 JailWallet $43,180
3 bonjogo $30,480
4 hotPIMIENTO $21,590
5 Shifoo9x $15,875
6 earthling $10,541

POWERFEST #225-M: $75K Gtd 6-Max Turbo

Renato Nomura

Brazilian sensation Renato “renato_nomura” Nomura was battling his way to the final table of the POWERFEST #225-M: $75K Gtd 6-Max Turbo while Geilich was marching on to victory.

Nomura followed in his team-mate’s footsteps and came out on top with a POWERFEST title. Nomura’s impressive win netted him $21,083, a prize he locked up after defeating “ShipAndDate” heads-up. Second place yielded $14,091.

Third-place finisher “BB88alis888” was the only other player to turn their initial investment into five-figures. The reeled in a $10,164 prize.

Place Player Prize
1 Renato “renato_nomura” Nomura $21,083
2 ShipAndDate $14,091
3 BB88alis888 $10,164
4 Parul777 $7,392
5 basketlove $5,082
6 runplemintz $3,696

POWERFEST #222-H: $150K Gtd 8-Max Fast

Roberto Romanello

POWERFEST #222-H: $150K Gtd 8-Max Fast drew in a 755-strong crowd, each paying $215 for the chance to become a champion. That champion was almost one of our own because the Welsh Wizard, Roberto “R_Romanello” Romanello found himself heads-up against “player123.”

The heads-up pair decided to end the tournament with the assistance of an ICM chop. This meant Romanello goes down in the history books as the second-place finisher and with a $22,473 prize. “player123.” is the name immortalised in the partypoker records as a POWERFEST champion, a result that came with $23,657 after that heads-up deal.

Place Player Prize
1 player123. $23,657*
2 Roberto “R_Romanello” Romanello $22,473*
3 jkarothb $12,880
5 WhatifPIOswrong $6,160
6 DailyGrind $4,439
7 FakeNews $3,171
8 bite_me $2,204

*reflects a heads-up deal

POWERFEST #216-SHR: $1M Gtd Phase Final

Anatoly Filatov

The $1 million guaranteed Phase Final was again by far the biggest tournament of the night. A huge $1,314,665 prize pool was created and Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov almost got his hands on the lion’s share of that seven-figure pot.

Filatov busted in seventh-place, however, and had to make do with $36,153.

The top three finishers each netted six-figure prizes, combined prize weighing in at more than $580,000. Third-place and $132,781 went to the awesome “PayAndPlay” to set up a one-on-one battle between “BoldPilot” and “nomeansyes”.

You may remember the latter’s name as they have put together some deep runs of late. They also finished third in the 2019 MILLIONS Online event for a $1,370,850 score. Nomeansyes added to their already glowing reputation by winning the $261,618 top prize here. BoldPilot consoled themselves with a still massive $189,311.

$5,200 at 281 ($1,314,665)

Place Player Prize
1 nomeansyes $261,618
2 BoldPilot $189,311
3 PayAndPlay $132,781
4 Irunsogoooood $96,627
5 trustnobody_99 $68,362
6 usinghud $51,271
7 Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov $36,153
8 Toppairlover $26,293

Finally, a shout-out to Joni “Jjouhki” Jouhkimainen who finished fifth from 62 entrants in the $5,200 PLO event and walked away with another $20,150. “CoolScreenName” took down the event and padded their bankroll with a cool $107,231.

SPINS Your Way To Glory

More massive events are coming your way this week thanks to POWERFEST being extended until April 19th! Buy into the events, which you can see here, direct, win your way in via a satellite, pay for your entry with tournament dollars, or SPINS your way in for only $5. Whatever you do, play in some of the tournaments!

Multiplier 1st place prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $10 cash 651,227
3 $15 cash 257,202
4.4 $22 POWERFEST ticket 75,000
11 $55 POWERFEST ticket 10,000
21.8 $109 POWERFEST ticket 5,000
64 $320 POWERFEST ticket 1,000
106 $530 POWERFEST ticket 500
210 $1,050 POWERFEST ticket 50
420 $2,100 POWERFEST ticket 20
1,040 $5,200 POWERFEST ticket 1

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Will it be your alias adorning those pages once the $20 million guaranteed POWERFEST XI is done and dusted? Only you can make that happen.

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