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We are delighted to be supporting the poker dealing community by hosting the Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online tournament and donating 100% of registrations fees to freelance dealers.

Many poker dealers are self-employed and not eligible for government assistance apart from loans, which must be repaid, or basic benefits. The poker community is close-knit and we’re asking you as a member of that community, to help look after some of our own.

The Grand Prix 4 Dealers tournament has 24 Day 1s running from April 26 through May 3, each costing $55 to enter. Every $5 registration fee is going towards hitting a £100,000 target to help those freelance poker dealers currently out of work.

Each Day 1 has 12-minutes blinds, except the turbo (six minutes) and hyper-turbo (three minutes) that take place on May 3. Play lasts 15 levels and anyone with at least a single chip in front of them at the end of the 15th level progresses to the Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online Final Fay at 20:00 CET on May 3.

You can play in as many Day 1s as you wish, but it’s only possible to take your largest stack through with you if you progress more than once. All other stacks are forfeited.

$250,000 Is Guaranteed to be Won!

We’ve slapped a juicy $250,000 guarantee on the Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online event, making it incredible value for a $55 buy-in tournament. It will be even better value if you manage to win your way into a Day 1 via one of the many satellites taking place. These satellites start at only $2.20.

At least $25,000 will be raised if the tournament hits its guarantee. We hope to raise £100,000 to help out freelance poker dealers. Dusk Till Dawn supremo Rob Yong has promised to match the first £100,000 raised with his own funds.

You have two other options if you want to help this cause but can’t play in the Grand Prix 4 Dealers event. We’ve set up a crowdfunding donation tank in the partypoker lobby. You can buy in for $100 and all $100 is added to the dealers’ fund.

There’s also a Just Giving page you can donate to here. Triton Poker, one of partypoker and partypoker LIVE’s partners, has already pledged a massive £50,000 to this cause. Just Giving isn’t charging any fees for this page, meaning every penny donated goes towards hitting the £100,000 total.

John Duthie, partypoker LIVE President, said: “These are exceptional times and many freelancers and self-employed, in all industries, have got some tough months ahead. Freelance poker dealers are no exception and hopefully our ‘Grand Prix 4 Dealers’ tournament along with other initiatives may help. Come and play and know that you’re doing your bit to help the poker community.”


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