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You don’t have to spend a lot to win big at partypoker thanks in part to the Monster Series. This exciting online poker tournament festival features more than 200 events with tiny buy-ins, but big guarantees.

Monster Series gives you the chance to experience a big field tournament with a chunky top prize all for a small investment. “player-one” was one player who benefited from Monster Series as they grew their $11 investment more than 300-times to a cool $3,362.

player-one was one of 1,969 entrants in the Monster Series #14-H: $20K Gtd Deepstack on October 1st. Less than nine hours later, player-one was the last player standing and padded their bankroll with $3,362 as a result.

The top 248 players received prize money for their effort. A min-cashed weighed in at $23 with a final table appearance boosting this to $228.

“seat out….” was the eighth-place finisher and they were joined in the rail by “lalaimiukas” and “metmaster2”. The player known as “Catwezel78”, perhaps a nod to Worzel Gummage, crashed out in fifth-place and was the last player to not win a four-figure prize.

$1,032 went to “Rose8” for their fourth place elimination before “youngblood” was cut down in third, a finish worth $1,550. This set up a heads-up clash between “Kryderr” and player-one and it was the latter who knocked out their final opponent to scoop $3,362 and leave the runner-up to collect $2,384.

Monster Series #14-H: $20K Gtd Deepstack Final table Results

Place Player Prize
1 player-one $3,362
2 Kryderr $2,384
3 youngblood $1,550
4 Rose8 $1,032
5 Catwezel78 $730
6 metmaster2 $508
7 lalaimiukas $350
8 seat out…. $228

A field of 2,010 players paid $22 to try and become the champion of the Monster Series #15-H: $50K Gtd PKO event. The mathematicians among you will no doubt have realised this left an overlay of $7,790 which we added to the prize pool to make up the guarantee.

Team Online’s Ryan “Rschoonbaert” Schoonbaert cashed in 71st place to help extend his massive lead in the Team Online Monster Series Leaderboard, but it was “AstralisFAN” who took full advantage of the added value by emerging victoriously and banking more than $6,200.

AstralisFAN won $3,647 for first place and $2,636 worth of bounty payments, for a total prize weighing in at $6,283. A large chunk of those bounty payments used to be on the head of “plzShipIt” who fell in second place for a combined score of $4,051.

Only the champion and fourth-place finisher “SkilledGUY” won more bounties. Skilled Guy added $444 worth of scalps to the $1,563 they won from the main prize pool. Playing aggressively in PKO events can certainly reap the rewards.

Monster Series #15-H: $50K Gtd PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 AstralisFAN $3,647 $2,636
2 plzShipIt $3,640 $411
3 SomeChangePLS $2,352 $320
4 SkilledGUY $1,563 $444
5 Look at my face $1,097 $206
6 rogerimdocha $755 $89
7 Flipforitall $518 $259
8 dudalusa $332 $392

More big scores were enjoyed for only a $22 buy-in when 2,195 players turned out in force for the Monster Series #09-H: $50K Gtd PKO event. The top prize, with bounties included, came in at $5,751, the cash reward given to “repmasmorra89” who emerged victoriously from this event.

The champion defeated “Kirby69” heads-up for the title, resigning the runner-up to a combined prize worth $4,063.

All but two of the eight finalists won more than $1,000 with bounties included. “NickiMinaj”, no not that one, “Saitama Hero”, “JackAuMiel” and “Rebecca” plus the final two players each padded their partypoker bankrolls with four-figure hauls.

Monster Series #09-H: $50K Gtd PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 repmasmorra89 $3,381 $2,370/td>
2 Kirby69 $3,374 $689
3 Rebecca $2,180 $366
4 JackAuMiel_ $1,448 $61
5 Saitama Hero $1,017 $234
6 NickiMinaj $700 $639
7 GetAwayPlzz $480 $100
8 ELProfesor10 $308 $189

Big Main Events Are Coming

Four Main Events are scheduled for Sunday 6th October that have combined guarantees of $138,500. The value in these Main Events is unreal. A cool $1,000 is guaranteed in the $0.11 buy-in Main Event, meaning a field of 10,000 is required!

Other Main Events have $7,500 guaranteed ($1.10 buy-in), $30,000 guaranteed ($5.50) and $100,000 guaranteed ($22).

Date Time (CEST) Name Buy-in
Sun 6 Oct 20:00 Monster #45-High: $100K Gtd Main Event PKO $22
Sun 6 Oct 20:00 Monster #45-Mid: $30K Gtd Main Event PKO $5.50
Sun 6 Oct 20:00 Monster #45-Mid: $7.5K Gtd Main Event PKO $1.10
Sun 6 Oct 20:00 Monster #45-Low: $1K Gtd Main Event PKO $0.11

SPINS Your Way to Bigger Buy-in Monster Series Events

Monster Series SPINS

You can play Monster Series edition SPINS throughout the festival and win tickets for only $0.50. SPINS are three-handed hyper-turbo sit & go tournaments where the prize pool is randomly determined before the first hands are dealt.

SPINS play to a winner-takes-all format with prizes including $1 and $2 cash. Hit the 11x or higher multiplier to win Monster Series tickets worth between $5.50 and $55. Play SPINS from your computer or via the partypoker mobile app.

Multiplier 1st place prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $1 cash 780,000
4 $2 cash 184,500
11 $5.50 Monster Series ticket 30,000
22 $11 Monster Series ticket 5,000
44 $22 Monster Series ticket 500

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