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The latest edition of the Monster Series kicked off in style on Sunday 29th September with 25 events crowning their champions. A cool $288,585 had been paid out. Thank you for your fantastic support.

Each of the completed events cost between $0.22 and $22 to enter, yet all featured big guarantees in relation to those buy-ins. Who won the biggest prizes on the opening day of Monster Series? Keep reading to find out.

horyshet Triumphs in Monster Series #03-H: $75K Gtd PKO

Monster Series #03-H: $75K Gtd PKO drew in a massive crowd of 3,891 entries who created a guarantee-busting prize pool of $81,711. Half of this large sum went on the heads of each entrant with the remaining 50 percent shared among the top 536 finishers.

Each of the finalists banked more than $650 when bounties were considered. “Sole008” was the first finalist to bust, their eighth-place exit yielding a combined prize worth $695. Everyone else padded their partypoker bankrolls with a four-figure score.

“turbosystem” won $1,286 after losing their stack to bust in seventh-place, while “Kryderr” netted a cool $1,409 after crashing out in sixth-place. $1,449 went to fifth-place finisher “rivershark” but “SapnuPuas” had been busy eliminating foes and their $1,952 main prize pool prize was boosted by $1,178 worth of bounties for a combined $3,130.

This was a similar prize to what “Jirvey” collected for third-place, which was worth a total of $3,395. Their exit left “sessezinho” and “horyshet” to fight it out heads-up for the title. Second-place went to the former and this was worth $6,050 while the latter scooped the title and $7,603, all for a $22 investment.

Monster Series #03-H: $75K Gtd PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 horyshet $4,667 $2,936
2 sessezinho_cwb $4,656 $1,394
3 Jirvey $2,991 $404
4 SapnuPuas $1,952 $1,178
5 rivershark $1,343 $106
6 Kryderr $913 $496
7 turbosystem $642 $644
8 Sole008 $416 $279

Silviosantos99” Turns $22 into $7,624

Another huge score was awarded in the Monster Series #01-H: $50K Gtd PKO which only cost $22 to enter yet featured a massive $74,046 prize pool.

“Silviosantos99” was the main beneficiary of this monster-sized prize pool as they were that last player standing. First-place in this event awarded $4,256 but this was bolstered by $3,368 worth of bounties for a combined $7,624.

A large percentage of that bounty payment was on the heads of “DaEtoZhestko” who busted in second-place for a total prize weighing in at $5,367.

The final eight players had navigated their way through the majority of the 3,526-strong crowd and any of them would have been a worthy champion. “WHYNOT3399” and “CarpHunter78” were the first final table members to fall by the wayside. WHYNOT3399 collected $579 with CarpHunter78 reeling in $920.

These players were joined on the rail by “escream11” and “stu ungar22” who scooped $1,100 and $1,516 respectively before “BabyShark 1kk” busted in fourth-place for $2,273 but not before putting the annoying song into everyone’s heads! Baby shark do do do do do do!

The penultimate elimination was that of “Teddy-KBG” who put in the performance of a true rounder before running out of steam in the final stages. Third-place weighed in at a combined $3,173.

Monster Series #01-H: $50K Gtd PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Silviosantos99 $4,256 $3,368
2 DaEtoZhestko $4,246 $1,121
3 Teddy.KGB $2,731 $442
4 BabyShark 1kk $1,789 $484
5 stu ungar22 $1,236 $280
6 escream11 $843 $257
7 CarpHunter78 $586 $334
8 WHYNOT3399 $380 $199

howIbetUrmother Locks Up First Non-PKO Title

It wasn’t only the PKO events that drew in big crowds on Day 1 on Monster Series as Event 2 was a Deepstack tournament with the $11 buy-in edition attracting 3,695 entries. The mammoth-sized $40,000 prize pool was distributed among the top 472 finishers, a min-cash worth $26 and first place almost $6,200.

The perfect name for Monster Series, “megalodon-br” was the first player to bust from the final table, a finish worth $387. The extinct species of shark was joined by “RonaldDump” and “unorthodox” who cashed for $598 and $860.

Next to bust was “Kubaks” who got their hands on the $1,260 fifth-place prize, the first four-figure prize of the tournament. “vyhraju” and “yaahl” then crashed out for prizes worth $1,824 and $2,784, setting up an enticing heads-up battle between “pasoperopago” and “howIbetUrmother”.

howIbetUrmother is an incredible screen name and the one that finished on top of the payout table. First-place weighed in at $6,181 with our runner-up walking away with $4,332.

Monster Series #02-H: $40K Gtd Deepstack Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 howIbetUrmother $6,181
2 pasoperopago $4,332
3 yaahl $2,784
4 vyhraju $1,824
5 Kubaks $1,260
6 Unorthodox $860
7 RonaldDump $598
8 megalodon-br $387

Check Out Today’s Schedule

Don’t worry if you missed out on glory on Day 1 of Monster Series because there are plenty of chances to win big for a tiny buy-in today. This link has the full Monster Series schedule, including details of the awesome main events.

Also, if some of the higher buy-in events are out of the constraints of your bankroll, why not try to turn $0.50 into a $22 ticket by playing our Monster Series SPINS? You never know, it could be you we’re writing about in the coming days.

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