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I am sat here hitting the refresh button on e-bay – I have until the 25th to secure Peter ‘Ebay’ Eastgate’s bracelet for the world’s greatest German Shepherd.

Zasko is sat at my feet, we’ve just done a 10 kilometre walk – he’s asleep and looks dead to the world but my protector is always ready to be called into action if his owner needs him.

It is like me on e-bay, I may not appear to be there but there is always a presence – a guiding hand. The auction is on until the 25th! has started Aussie Millions qualifiers and I do hope Zasko will be blinged out in the poker room with me in Melbourne in January – maybe we’ll call the Party team of qualifiers Team Zasko.

I do worry that some casinos may not want Zasko to enter their premises but this dog is impeccably trained and will be handled by Australia’s top dog handler while I play poker. In terms of dog insurance I have the best as Zasko deserves the best (that reminds me, may have to think about insuring the collar too).

Phil Hellmuth is looking for a new sponsor?

Anyway, the reason I take to my blog is I felt I just had to comment on this speculation that Phil Hellmuth maybe looking for a new sponsor. Do I know anything you don’t? No, I don’t, but it is suspicious that hasn’t been wearing a patch recently. Unlike me, Phil isn’t the type to accidentally turn up at a tournament without a patch.

Where might he go? Full Tilt no, he couldn’t handle being part of a team – there’s no ‘I’ in team Phil. As a player he is the definition of full tilt and by that I don’t mean the site or team – he’s on life tilt, let’s hope the mindcoach has worked.

PokerStars? Negreanu would probably resign – how funny would it be though to see the reaction on Daniel’s face if Phil came in as the ‘premiere’ pro. I would be ROFLMAO!

Could he come to – not unless he wanted to join Team Party as my dog walker! bwin – the name of this sponsor has the word ‘win’ in it Phil so it couldn’t be them. or – does he deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as my majestic German Shepherd? NO. Should I consider giving Zasko’s WSOP bracelet to Hellmuth because he’s never going to win another one? YES.

What is the main thought in my mind? Will his exit be as spectacular as his entrances? Now that would be something!

Over 2,500 in the Sunday Bike Ride – no victory for me this week – keep coming you donkeys – bring on the Russians and bring on news of The Poker Brat’s sponsorship!

PS. In case you ask there isn’t a chance Hellmuth is going to get sponsored by


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