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Argentina’s Ramiro Petrone signed off 2021 in style by becoming the MILLIONS Online Main Event champion. Petrone started second in chips at the final table, navigated his way to heads-up against Juan Pardo Dominguez, before clinching the title and the huge $859,018 top prize.

MILLIONS Online Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ramiro Petrone Argentina $859,018
2 Juan Pardo Dominguez Andorra $591,687
3 Sebastian Sikorski Canada $406,792
4 Steven Van Zadelhoff Malta $265,987
5 Christopher Brice United Kingdom $182,436
6 Fabio Luongo Canada $141,030
7 Orpen Kisacikoglu United Kingdom $111,313
8 Igor Dursel United Kingdom $88,326
9 Andras Nemeth Hungary $69,767

The final table shuffled up and dealt at 19:05 GMT on December 28 with Sebastian Sikorski leading. Hungarian superstar Andras Nemeth sat down third in chips, yet he was the first finalist out of the door and heading to the exits.

Nemeth busted during the 1,250,000/2,500,000 level. Sikorski min-raised to 5,000,000 from early position, Nemeth three-bet all-in for 45,126,166 in the cutoff with , only for Petrone to four-bet all-in for 85,232,264 with , which folded out the original raiser. The five community cards fell , gifting Petrone a straight.

Ace-jack was also the exit hand of Igor Dursel during the level after Nemeth busted. Dursel ripped it in for 41,900,288 with , but Steven Van Zadelhoff woke up in the small blind with and re-shoved to isolate the all-in player. Van Zadelhoff’s hand remained true on the board.

Seventh place and the first six-figure score of the night went to Orpen Kisacikoglu. The action folded to Dominguez in the small blind and he moved all-in with . Kisacikoglu called off his last ten big blinds with , and it was off to the races. The threes held on a run-out. Game over for Kisacikoglu but the $111,313 payout will have made his elimination sting less.

Again, ace-jack proved a costly hand for the next player out of the door. Van Zadelhoff raised a shade over 2x to 6,600,000 with in the cutoff. Sikorski laid a trap by calling with in the small blind, which led to Fabio Luongo to squeeze all-in for 96,086,270 with . Van Zadelhoff ducked out of the way, but Sikorski called. Neither player caught their kicker as the five community cards fell , busting Luongo in sixth place for $141,030.

Christopher Brice’s impressive run ended in fifth-place after running into the pocket rockets of Petrone. With blinds of 1,750,000/3,500,000/437,500a, Brice opened to 7,700,000 with in the cutoff. Petrone three-bet to 19,250,000 with on the button, to which Brice four-bet shoved for 117,347,002. Obviously, Petrone snap-called. The board was no help to Brice, and he fell by the wayside.

It was a coinflip that removed Van Zadelhoff from the tournament. He raised all-in from under the gun for 13 big blinds with what turned out to be . Sikorski re-shoved with to find himself needing to hit the board. A king on the flop and queen on the river of the board sent Van Zadelhoff to the shower, albeit with $265,987 in tow.

Heads-up was set during the 3,000,000/6,000,000/750,000a level, in what was a relative cooler of a hand. The aggressive Dominguez raised to 21,000,000 with , Sikorski responded with a 205,979,492 shove with , which Dominguez called. Sikorski did not connect with the run-out, and was gone in third for $406,792.

That hand gave Dominguez a 693,022,885 to 347,977,115 chip lead over Petrone going into heads-up. Petrone staged a comeback, levelled matters, before taking the lead himself.

The final hand saw Petrone make it 13,800,000 with with the big blind at 6,000,000. Dominguez called with . The flop fell , giving Petrone a flush with a redraw to a straight flush, plus Dominguez had top pair. Dominguez check-called a 9,894,000 continuation-bet on the flop, leading to the turn. He check-called a 36,000,000 bet on the turn, leading to the river. Dominguez checked for a third time and called off his 146,365,885 stack when Petrone went for the jugular and set him all-in.

Dominguez busted in second place for $591,687, leaving Petrone to bank the $859,018 top prize and the title of MILLIONS Online Main Event Champion.

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