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Our very own Jaime Staples is a MILLIONS Online champion! Staples was one of 1,137 players who turned out in force for the $530 MILLIONS Online Super 500 PKO, and was the last player standing. With bounties included, Staples walked away with a bankroll-boosting $59,399 plus all the glory of becoming a poker champion.

MILLIONS Online Super 500 PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Jaime Staples Canada $22,830 $36,569 $59,399
2 Victor Gomes De Castri Brazil $11,689 $36,511 $48,200
3 David Stephenson United Kingdom $2,759 $24,148 $26,907
4 Milan Sasek Czech Republic $625 $15,628 $16,253
5 Arsenii Karmatckii Russia $17,620 $10,637 $28,257
6 Diogo Veiga Malta $2,269 $8,176 $10,458
7 Marc Lange Austria $12,210 $5,993 $18,203
8 Egor Prokop Andorra $1,421 $4,745 $6,166
9 Vlad Steffan Lache Argentina $2,554 $3,737 $6,291

Day 2 shuffled up with 172 players in the hunt for the title, each guaranteed $525 from the main prize pool plus the money they collected via bounties along the way.

Elio Fox was the tournament first casualty of the evening. Dozens of star players, including Kenny Hallaert, Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard, Joao Simao, and Jeff Gross, plus Diego Cuellar, and Pavel Plesuv joined Fox on the busted list.

Prize money at the final table started at $3,737 but the bounty payments were now sky-high. Vlad Steffan Lache’s time at the final table was short-lived, he netted $6,291 in total. Egor Prokop joined Lache on the rail, doing so with $6,166 in tow.

We have to doff our cap to Marc Lange, the seventh-place finisher. The Austrian won $18,203 thanks to accumulating $12,210 in bounties along the way, showing how lucrative PKO tournament can be.

Jaime Staples

Jaime Staples

The final six became five when Diogo Veiga bowed out; the Malta-based pro helped himself to $10,458. Then came the exit of Russian superstar Arsenii Karmatckii, another player who scooped several high-profile scalps along the way. The Russian grinder’s prize weighed in at $28,257 thanks, in part, to $17,620 from the bounty prize pool.

Heads-up was set after both Milan Sasek and David Stephenson crashed out and fell by the wayside. They walked away with scores of $16,253 and $26,907 respectively.

Staples and Brazilian Victor Gomes De Castri locked horns heads-up knowing they had each secured more than $36,500 for their efforts. The bounties were now massive, which meant Staples added another $22,830 to his main prize after enjoying his 14 bounty of the tournament. De Castri’s second-place finish came with $11,689 worth of bounty payments.

Watson Wins the Grand Prix PKO

Staples was not the only big PKO winner on December 27 because A R H Watson of the United Kingdom took down the MILLIONS Online Grand Prix PKO for a total prize tipping the scales at $36,945.

Watson outlasted 3,706 opponents, including the 550 who made it through to Day 2 and became a worthy champion. It was a United Kingdom one-two in this event because Michael Allen navigated his way to heads-up where he faced Watson. Both Brits locked in more than $21,200 from the main prize pool, leaving the duo to fight it out for the substantial bounty prizes on offer.

Allen fell at the final hurdle and saw his $21,227 main prize pool payout boosted by $3,663. However, Watson’s bounties came in at $15,679 for a total prize of $36,945. A fantastic result for a $109 buy-in.

MILLIONS Online Grand Prix PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 A R H Watson United Kingdom $15,679 $21,266 $36,945
2 Michael Allen United Kingdom $3,663 $21,227 $24,890
3 Robbin Johansson Sweden $1,259 $13,526 $14,785
4 Maxim Kholomiev Bulgaria $2,704 $8,922 $11,626
5 Vojtech Susta Czech Republic $884 $6,017 $6,901
6 Claus Grether United Kingdom $978 $4,458 $5,436
7 Thomas Dolby United Kingdom $861 $3,226 $4,087
8 Ikuma Sakurai Austria $3,084 $2,590 $5,674
9 Alik Zazian Russia $453 $2,007 $2,460

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