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partypoker also increases weekly fastforward leaderboard payouts to $81,000

partypoker is now the best place to play fast-paced online cash games, thanks to the launch of the site’s new $500,000 fastforward promotion alongside its market-leading 40% cashback offer and ‘Table Starter Cashback’ initiative.

$500,000 Challenge

partypoker is giving away $500,000 worth of prizes up until October 6, 2019, through daily challenges and dedicated twice-daily fastforward hours that will award a mixture of instant cash, ticket and bonus rewards once specific targets are met.

Players’ challenges will update every three days, ranging from being dealt specific hole cards when playing fastforward, to fulfilling MTT or SPINS requirements, like participating in three tournaments at a certain buy-in level or winning three separate $5 buy-in, SPINS tournaments.

fastforward Leaderboards


In addition to the $500,000 Challenge, partypoker has once again increased the amount to be won across its fastforward weekly leaderboards, up to $81,000, and hopes to award at least $100,000 per week by the end of September 2019.

Players must opt in every week to win a share of $81,000 in prize money spread across eighteen separate fastforward leaderboards, nine for each of NLH and PLO. The leaderboards feature the followings different buy-in levels:

  • fastforward $2 (Micro)
  • fastforward $5 (Micro)
  • fastforward $10 (Micro)
  • fastforward $25 (Low)
  • fastforward $50 (Low)
  • fastforward $100 (Medium)
  • fastforward $200 (Medium)
  • fastforward $500 (High)
  • fastforward $1000 (High)

Leaderboards run from Monday (00:00 CEST) – Sunday (23:59 CEST) every week, with top prizes of up to $3,000.

For more info on fastforward, see here.


earn more cashback with fastforward

The partypoker Cashback reward programme is straightforward and simple, paying out up to 40% cashback directly into players’ accounts every week, and with fastforward, players can earn cashback quicker than via regular cash games.

Table Starter Cashback

table starter cashback now available at fastforward

Coinciding with the launch of the fastforward leaderboards in August, partypoker recently introduced Table Starter Cashback, aimed to reward players who actively start cash games on the site.

The promotion offers cash game players double Cashback points each time they start a table at six-max or higher, with either two or three players.

There is no limit on the number of additional points players can earn, and the site has also extended the campaign to its fastforward games, making this format even more appealing.

Making partypoker safer

As part of a campaign to make partypoker a safer place for players, a recent software update enforced all players to change their alias name, one of many initiatives designed to provide players with a better environment where they can play online poker.

This ongoing drive ensures that partypoker is the number one destination to play online fast-paced cash games.

Team partypoker’s Sam Trickett said: “partypoker continues to raise the bar for its cash game players. With the launch of the new $500,000 giveaway throughout September on top of partypoker’s generous cashback program and Table Starter Cashback campaign, there’s never been a better time to play on the site!”

For more info on the Fast Forward to $500K promotion, see here.

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