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Mathew Frankland

Simon Trumper and Mathew Frankland are polar opposites. Trumper is part of the old school live poker players, while Frankland crushes souls online, though is very adept at the live version too. The pair just clashed over on Table 4 in a hand that showed their class.

The action folded around to Frankland in the cutoff in Seat 1 and he min-raised to 4,000. Tamer Kamel folded his button, the small blind folded but Trumper picked up two red 1,000 chips, kissed them for luck – or maybe goodbye – and it was heads-up to the flop.

Trumper checked and Frankland checked behind. The turn was the and again both players checked. So where is this display of class we hear you ask. Well, when the river put the Trumper led out with a small 3,000 bet. Frankland reached for chips and raised to 10,700 only to see Trumper instantly move all in!

Frankland let out a cry of despair before focussing again on recounting the action in his head.

“Just call and I can go to a decent restaurant,” half-joked Trumper as he turned to grab his takeaway noodles.

“I did not expect that to happen!” said Frankland, much to the amusement of the rest of the table.

Trumper’s all in bet was for 18,700 and calling would leave Frankland with less than what the poker players call “a bowl.” Frankland folded and showed the as he did, folding trip kings! Trumper than needled Frankland by showing him a king, but a few moments later admitted he held king-seven and had turned a full house.

Frankland survives where many, myself included, would most certainly have gone broke.

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