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The first time I noticed something might be wrong was when I got a tweet saying: “@TonyGuoga something must be wrong, Phil Hellmuth wasn’t dressed as Neo from The Matrix today.”

I laughed, smiled and thought… actually I want him to win the bracelet, I would quite like to see him beat Juanda.

I don’t think I was the only one who found themselves in that position but it didn’t sit comfortably. I wanted him to win so I have to put up with months and months of bragging? I need counseling, I need help I thought.

I bet there were many people out there who wanted him to win but felt guilty for doing so. After he lost and Hellmuth’s 72 hours of self flagellation started I felt sorry for him. Why, why, why! Pull it together Antanas!

WPT Slovenia – lots of tasty Italians there

Someone else tweeted me saying there was a ‘strange force’ at work that made them cheer on Hellmuth. I don’t know about that but there was definitely something in the air.

I remember when Hellmuth bust from the WPT Bay 101 last year and he curled into a ball and looked like he had a breakdown. I said then that I thought he could be on the cusp of a mega comeback but I was wrong.

I would be interested to hear what price anyone would lay about Phil getting a bracelet this year though. That said, if he has to pay himself will he play in many events?!

Since then I have pulled it together and got over my Hellmuth man love. I don’t think I am going to be going to WSOP this year but I don’t rule anything out. I am going to WPT Slovenia in Portoroz between 17th – 21st July as there will be lots of tasty Italians there.

By that I don’t mean models or bunga, bunga parties (though I heard the casino is putting on some free parties for those who want to wind down from Vegas in a suitable fashion) – I mean fresh seafood.

Pull those Italians across the border and let’s feast – I’ve always told you I remain a hungry big saltwater crocodile with Lithuanian stripes.

Qualifiers for WPT Slovenia have started on – come and join me.


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