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Jeep4D from Canada is one of our recent $14,000 WSOP prize package winners. She’ll soon be winging her way to Vegas for the famous WSOP Main Event, but first she tells us about her journey from learning how to play poker on holiday to winning a seat at the WSOP.

What route did you take to the final WSOP satellite?

I played a $9 sub-qualifier and won my way to the $750 satellite. I actually made it through to the satellite three times. Finally, it was third time lucky!

Tell us how the final WSOP Satellite went. What were the key moments?

It was a rough start. I was pretty card dead and couldn’t hit much then I finally won a couple of nice pots. From there I was able to slowly and steadily build up my stack to reach the final table.

During the tournament I made some tough folds – [Ax][Kx] a few times, [Qx][Qx]. It turned out they were the right folds!

We battled down to three in about an hour, then for almost two hours the three of us battled to two. I doubled up to get to 2nd in chips and then the chips moved back and forth between us. After that the other two players got involved in a pot that crippled one of them.

In the very next hand I was small blind, the short stack was big blind and I raised him all in thinking worst case, we are even again – I flopped two pair and it was over – I finished 2nd.

Tell us about your PartyPoker story.

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I learned how to play poker about four years ago on holiday with friends – I was totally green and didn’t even know the poker hand rankings. A friend set me up on PartyPoker in 2007 and I played small Sit & Go’s but didn’t do too well. Then in Summer 2008 I won a $13K WPT package on PartyPoker!

I like PartyPoker because it’s such an easy, user-friendly site to navigate. The tournaments don’t all have late registrations and the numbers are lower so the tournaments last a reasonable amount of time and at the right times (not into the wee hours of the morning!).

Tell us how you feel about your Vegas trip.

I love Vegas, it’s a great city – the restaurants, the nightlife – all of it! This will be my fifth time there and I’m always excited to go but to be playing in the tournament of all tournaments is the icing on the cake!

I’m also playing in the Ladies event at the WSOP on July 1st so I’m excited about that as well.

What do you think about WSOP?

The WSOP has been a dream to me since I started really playing poker and now it’s a dream coming true – winning it is the next dream!

I watch poker all the time and I was in Vegas last November to watch on November 9th and see the final heads up match. It was all incredible to watch and experience.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP?

Oh there are so many players I admire but I have to say Jennifer Harman because I simply admire her as a player and Kara Scott just because she seems like a nice/decent person.

I’d love also to meet Chris Ferguson and Phil Ivey because they are two of the best and I like their table presence and their game! Even though I’d probably be very nervous to play against them, I would love it because to be the best you have to beat the best!

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