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The Premier League…it’s really so dam close that you can almost taste it right? Well we sure can and it tastes good, so dam good. Welcome to our next eagerly awaited installment designed with getting you all ready and up to speed for the most amazing poker spectacular event ever to grace the world. So far we’ve got the qualification and location dealt with plus the starting groups Now in this part we managed to catch up with the legendary Mike Sexton. And we asked him one short question “Can you give us your analysis of the upcoming Premier League?”

The response of course was anything but short and so we figured it was best to keep these installments short and sweet as we know you’ll busy busy people. So we’ll spread them out over the next few days so stay tuned for more! But without any further ado I’ll pass the mic to Mr Mike Sexton:

“Premier League is a poker challenge for some of the most well-renowned and successful people in the poker world.  It’ll be fun to watch and to see who comes out on top.  This is “don’t miss” TV.  Here is my brief analysis of those who will be participating.”

Tony G – No need for an introduction here.  Everyone knows Tony G – love him or hate him.  He is the biggest smack talker in poker and tries to put everyone on tilt by verbally abusing them.  Make no mistake, however, that if Tony is in a ‘playing mode’, he can be as tough as anybody.  One thing’s for sure – he doesn’t lack “heart”.

Andy Frankenberger –  Andy has taken the poker world by storm (and surprise) the past two years.  A highly educated (Duke graduate – double major in economics & Russian) successful Wall Street derivatives trader who decided to give poker a try a few years ago.  Since then, he’s become a WPT champion, WSOP champion, PartyPoker Premier League champion, and was the Season IX WPT ‘Player of the Year’.  For some reason, there are players who still doubt his authenticity.  But, make no mistake – he just continues to rack up successes.  His unique style is fun to watch.

Erik Seidel –  He is the most successful tournament player of all time – over $14M in winnings (8 WSOP titles and a WPT title).  That pretty much says it all.  He is highly respected among his peers and was a 2010 inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame. He doesn’t say much at the table.  He lets his chips do the talking.

Luke Schwartz – He probably ranks second behind Tony G for being the biggest smack talker in poker (although I’m sure he would rate himself #1).  He “talks the talk”, but he can “walk the walk”.  Even though the guy has a big mouth, he’s got game.  Certainly, you should tune in to any poker show that Luke (or Tony) is on.  Just listening to all their s…. is great entertainment.

So there we have it for part one, stay tuned for part two which will include poker legends Laak and Dwan. Do you agree with what Mike has to say about these guys? Let us know below…



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