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Ok, I know some of you thought it was me dressed as the Messiah of poker? Are you really accusing me of having such bad taste? Holy moly you are barking up the wrong tree and Zasko can confirm that. I am pretty satisfied now that the organizers of the Premier League haven’t let Chris Ferguson in through the back door.

No really….

Jesus is in fact German online qualifier Michael Thoms and this picture shows him smiling very un-Jesus like (cannot possibly be Ferguson then). My chin hit the floor when I was shown proof that he really had qualified. Michael ‘Jesus’ Thoms is from near Frankfurt and will play in the play-off event starting Sunday. I called him straight away as being dressed like this cannot be good for your reputation.

Michael what are you doing? This man should not be your hero – don’t deliberately dress like him for Jesus’ sake. It’s a dangerous world out there. Somebody call security, somebody get this man a bodyguard!

Rock On!

It turns out  Michael didn’t even think about the resemblance he has to Chris Ferguson – he just loves heavy metal and it’s just his style and he has no intention of changing it. All I can say is that he is going to put everybody on massive tilt so I fancy his chances of going through. This is going to freak everybody out I am sure. Michael could say ‘I will take all your chips and eat all the fish – and I already have your previous bankroll!”

Good Luck Michael!

Michael is in a wheelchair after an accident ten years ago and is about to play the biggest tournament of his life! Good luck mate, you have qualified! We’re in the entertainment business and your resemblance to Ferguson is going to make the play-offs a lot more entertaining. Just be careful people don’t mistake you for Jesus or think you are me in disguise – they’ll be shouting at you rather than paying homage!


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