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As you know I have spent plenty of time searching for the professor but I am yet to have the spiritual awakening of finding Jesus. I thought I found him in January but he can give thanks and pray that I didn’t catch up with him then. Where’s the players money? When is there going to be some news?

After analyzing the line-up of the Premier League I was sent this picture of an ‘online qualifier.’ Is this the resurrection of Jesus? All I can say is that my eyes don’t lie, I am not sure if I believe the organizers when they say it isn’t him – has he fooled them? Jesus cannot just change his name and expect to get away with it – he cannot switch his identity and sneak back into the poker world. The wolves led by me will be out in force to give him a ‘warm’ welcome. One big clue would be if this ‘qualifier’ wired over hundreds of thousands of dollars for cash games and then sat there with 1% of it playing like a rock.

One thing that reassures me is that Ferguson isn’t qualified so surely it cannot be him? If it is him there is going to be big trouble.


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