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We figured that by now many of you are just as excited as we are about the upcoming Premier League V soon to be heading to Vienna. We’ve seen a lot of Tweets and Facebook posts cheering us on and we thank each and every one of you for your support so far.

Rock Me!

However we’ve also been getting a few questions regarding the structure and the schedule of this monster poker event. So here in part one of a seventy-two part series we’ll break down this awesome event leaving truly no stone unturned to help you enjoy our fantastic event to the max. Ready? Let’s get Falco turned up to 11 and get this PartyPoker started!

The Name’s….

First up Vienna, dancing horses, pastries and allegedly the location of the world’s first coffee house, YES! Vienna truly is known the world over for many things including as well the setting of the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights which one could argue is a master piece of modern cinema, we however wont. But look closely and you’ll see the ‘Gasometers’ used in the film and this is where the PartyPoker action is happening come this April!

Synchronize Watches…

With the location clearly sorted out let’s move on to timing. The say in life timing is crucial …heck even Napoleon said “Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go all in.” clearly he knew a thing or two about the game of poker.

As we mentioned yesterday Scott Seiver will take the last direct buy in seat of the PartyPoker Premier League Main Event hence leaving 2 spots open and up for grabs during the play offs which will take place from Sunday 1st of April. Did you get that? 2 spots are up for grabs during the play offs.

24 players are going to literally fight it out for these 2 seats. By fighting it out we obviously mean at the poker table, no one’s going to get hurt, physically at least. These seats we talk about are expensive, take your average WSOP main event seat and times it by 10 and add a bit and you’re almost there, yep $125,000 these seats cost, I sure hope there comfy.

Now out of these 24 players, 12 are Pros and 12 are online qualifiers from PartyPoker. We’re going to mix them all up in one big PartyPoker cauldron apply the heat, watch all the excitement boil right on over, right all over your screen that is. It’s going to be hot, almost too hot to touch. Ouch.

Alright now let’s get a bit more in depth here and call the group of 24 players ‘A’ and then the subgroups of the two equal parties of 12…no this isn’t going to work…hang on….

Now let’s take Group A by Group B

Ok we split the 24 players up into two groups just like sports in school, only we’ll keep the shirts on please thanks. These two groups are called A and B (wow who came up with those names? surely something like Group Wolverine and Group Hulk would have been way cooler right?) anyway these two groups then get split into heats, this we like the sound of. Okay and these heats are named a1, a2 and b1, b2. Meaning if you’re following so far in each heat you’ll find 3 pros and 3 online players.

Show me the chips!

How many you ask? Well 300,000 that’s how many they’ll get when they start on their poker road trip of a lifetime. From here each heat will be playing down to 3 players and then move to a final for that group. Crystal clear right? Well if not think of it like this 6 become 3 and then we add these two 3’s together as we had two heats to get another 6 i.e. the final and then they play down to 1 as it’s a winner takes all deal baby and then that person gets the seat of their dreams the 125k seat into the Premier League Main Event. Simple.

The Nitty Gritty, the who’s who in this circus….

Enough of the number crunching now let’s get down to business. Here’s how it’s going to all pan out:

Event 1 Group A – Sun 1st April

Event 1 Group B – Sun 1st

  • Pro – Antony Lellouche
  • Pro – Alexander Petersen
  • Pro – Giovanni Rizzo
  • Online – Diego Zeiter
  • Online – Peter Muehlbek
  • Online – Antonis Poulengeris

Event 2 Group A – Mon 2nd April

  • Pro – Bruno Fitoussi
  • Pro – Melanie Weisner
  • Pro – Dominik Nitsche
  • Online – Manfred Joachim Weir
  • Online – Emir Misljimi
  • Online – Michael Thoms

Event 2 Group B – Tue 3rd April

  • Pro – Xuan Liu
  • Pro – Montesino Player
  • Pro – Steve O’Dwyer
  • Online – Ondrej Vinklarek
  • Online – Benjamin Wilinofsky
  • Online – Griffin Benger

And there we have it folks, so stay tuned for more updates as things are going to heat up very soon! And for making it this far we say well done:


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