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Those of you who are regular followers of the partypoker channel on Twitch will no doubt have tuned in when “QueenBee902” is on air. How much do you know about her though? The answer is a lot more by the time you have finished casting your eyes over this interview.

QueenBee902 is actually Deborah Vanneste, a 50-year-old poker player hailing from Prince Edward Island, a small island on the east coast of Canada, who lives with her youngest son. QueenBee902 and her family originally come from Belgium.

After suffering an injury while on duty as a Canadian Navy reservist, QueenBee902 discovered online poker tournaments as 2010 passed into 2011.

“I first got into poker New Year’s 2010/2011. I had suffered an injury while on duty as a reservist for the Canadian Navy and couldn’t do much, so playing online poker was my end of year celebration. I started off with playing tournaments and continue to only play MTTs.”

Powerfest Success for QueenBee902

Although predominantly an online poker player, QueenBee902 is attempting to venture into the live arena more in an attempt to best her biggest tournament cash of $12,685. Earlier this year, QueenBee902 finished third from a field of 213 in the $109 buy-in Powerfest #024: $20K Gtd PLO 6-Max and walked away with $2,449.

QueenBee902 is continually attempting to improve her poker skills, although that is not without its own challenges for the reasons she highlighted.

“My biggest challenge is continuing to get better, putting in enough study to be a successful tournament player. It takes a ton of time and commitment and with family and other commitments it’s tough to get really good at the game.”

If the opportunity arose, who do you think QueenBee902 would like to stream with? Maybe fellow Canadian and winner of the partypoker LIVE Caribbean Poker Party Main Event Sam Greenwood? Not even close.

“I think right now if I could stream with anyone it would be Justin Trudeaux, our current Prime Minister. He visited our family’s farm back in the 70s with his parents and then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeaux. I’d be interested to hear about his childhood and his thoughts on a number of topics. He’s an intelligent, attractive guy and I think he’d be fun to play poker with, plus I think he would be good at the game”

QueenBee902 dishes out some advice

Whether Mr Trudeaux plays poker or not remains to be seen, but if he or anyone else who is new to the game needs some advice for hitting the tables, QueenBee902 has dished out these little gems.

“My advice to a new player, always have and keep it fun and I know this gets said a lot but it’s very important to stay within your bankroll.”

QueenBee902 hosts a popular stream on our Twitch channel and was delighted to give three tips for those of you who would like to delve into the world of streaming.

  • Always have fun and keep it fun
  • Have a streaming schedule and follow it so you can grow your audience and they know when and what time they can watch you. This is very important and something I need to improve.
  • Try and offer something unique, whether it be you and your personality or what you are streaming

Tune into the partypoker Twitch Channel every Saturday to watch QueenBee902 in action at the small stakes tables.

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