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Imagine heading to Barcelona to play in the recent MILLIONS Europe Main Event knowing that all it cost you was one cent. Sounds like something from a fairy tale, right? Well, that is exactly what happened to Canada’s Kim Barrington thanks to the Newfoundland native using a MILLIONS Passport that she won in 2019.

The 55-year-old, who lives with her husband and three cats, won a MILLIONS Passport from a $0.01 centroll back in 2019. Kim had planned to use her package sooner than Barcelona but the COVID-19 pandemic put paid to those plans and to those of everyone in the live poker world for a couple of years. Kim had never visited Spain and had always wanted to visit Europe so decided MILLIONS Europe was the ideal opportunity to use the MILLIONS Passport that had been gathering dust for almost three years.

Kim got into poker, like many people do, by watching televised tournaments.

“It was from watching the big names on TV. Following the shows and the content really got me into poker. Phil Hellmuth is my favourite player. He’s great fun to watch and I love his bratty poker persona!”

Kim only played in the MILLIONS Passport qualifiers because they were so cheap and she simply loves playing poker online.

“I only played the tournament because it was a centroll. I was really excited to win a passport package, but my friends asked if it was a scam because they couldn’t believe I’d won such a great package for only $0.01. It only really sunk in when I booked travel and arranged accommodation for MILLIONS Europe. I will certainly look for more opportunities like this in the future.”

Enjoying Herself On and Off The Felt

Kim Barrington

Kim does not play much live poker barring a handful of pub poker games; she plays predominately online. Did she have high hopes for the €3,300 buy-in Main Event in Spain?

“I was hoping for a great result in the Main Event but it wasn’t to be. However, I enjoyed myself and the experience encouraged me to play more live events. I didn’t really have a game plan, I went for the experience.”

It was not only playing in such a prestigious event that ignited the poker fire in Kim’s belly because she and her husband enjoyed plenty of off-the-felt activities, too.

“Everything was wonderful. Having watched poker on TV, I one day hope to win another package and get the chance to play with some big names and poker heroes. We went to the player party and met the team and pros; John Duthie was very approachable. We also enjoyed the pool and headed into town to visit and explore.”

“Overall, it was a great experience. It was great to meet Colette who we met via the forums and who has been a great support throughout. I certainly would love to see some more opportunities to win these sorts of trips and experiences in the future.

Kim hopes to win her way into another partypoker event where she has her fingers crossed that she’ll bump into Phil Hellmuth. If you are reading, Phil, get yourself down to a partypoker LIVE event and maybe buy Kim into the same tournament!

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