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Steve O’Dwyer started the final day of the €3,300 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event as the chip leader and ended the day as the only player with chips in front of them. The victory, O’Dwyer’s first on Spanish soil, came with a €250,000 payday and the winner’s trophy.

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Steve O’Dwyer Ireland €250,000
2 Luuk Gieles Netherlands €168,000
3 Gergey Bartos Hungary €122,000
4 Taras Khilko Ukraine €84,000
5 Daniel Smyth Ireland €65,000
6 Igor Picone Belgium €50,000
7 Duco ten Haven Netherlands €38,500
8 Pawel Brzeski Poland €29,000
9 Jelle Moene Netherlands €29,000
MILLIONS Europe Main FInal

MILLIONS Europe Main Event Final Table

Dutch star Jelle Moene was the first of the nine finalists to lose all their chips. With blinds of 600,000/1,200,000/1,200,000a, O’Dwyer opened to 2,700,000 with and Moene defended his big blind with a calling holding . Moene check-called a 1,800,000 bet on the flop. It was a similar action on the turn with Moene check-calling an 8,600,000 bet from O’Dwyer. The river completed the board and Moene checked again. O’Dwyer moved all-in, and Moene called off the circa 20,000,000 chips he had behind.

Pawel Brzeski busted during the next level. Luuk Gieles min-raised to 3,200,000 before calling the 25,300,000 shove from Brzeski. It was for Gieles and pocket deuces for Brzeski. An ace on the flop of the board reduced the player count by one.

Seventh place went to Duco ten Haven who thought he had found the perfect spot to double his short stack. Gergely Bartos min-raised to 3,200,000 under the gun, ten Haven three-bet jammed for 24,600,000, and Bartos called to put his Dutch opponent at risk of elimination. Ten Haven flipped over and was ahead of Bartos’ . That only remained the case as far as the flop. Neither the turn nor river came to ten Haven’s rescue and he headed for the exits.

Igor Picone was the next player to fall, doing so at the hands of Bartos. Picone moved all-in for 29,700,000 with during the 1,200,000/2,400,000/2,400,000a level, and Bartos called with in the big blind. The five community cards fell and it was game over for Picone.

Luuk Gieles

Luuk Gieles

The final five became four with the untimely demise of Ireland’s Daniel Smyth. Taras Khilko open-shoved for 39,000,000 immediately after Picone busted, and Smyth called all-in for less. Smyth showed which railed the of Khilko. The flop changed that, with the turn and river sending Smyth to the showers.

O’Dwyer and Gieles were by far the most aggressive players, which you would expect as they were also the most experienced of the final four players. Khilko saw his stack dwindle into all-in or fold territory, and he opted for the former when Gieles shoved on him from the small blind. Khilko called off his eight big blinds with and lost to Gieles’ courtesy of a run out.

Heads-up was set when Bartos crashed out at the hands of Gieles. From the button, Gieles min-raised to 10,000,000 before snap-calling when Bartos shoved for 122,000,000. Bartos revealed the but was in a world of hurt because Gieles held . The board provided no drama, and Bartos was gone.

That hand gave Gieles a 304,000,000 to 142,000,000 chip lead over O’Dwyer and the ball was firmly in the Dutch star’s court. O’Dwyer clawed his way back into contention before claiming the chip lead for himself.

The final hand took place during the 3,000,000/6,000,000/6,000,000a level. O’Dwyer open-shoved with and Gieles called off his 54,000,000 chips with . Gieles looked set to double up when the flop fell but the turn and river came and , gifting O’Dwyer a better two pair and, therefore, the victory.

Congratulations to O’Dwyer for his impressive victory, but also to Lukas Boublel, who fell on Day 3 in 18th place for €11,000. Boublel won his €3,300 MILLIONS Europe Main Event seat for a mere €0.01! Wow!

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