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Luke SchwartzLuke “Full Flush” Schwartz makes noise wherever he goes. And even though he isn’t in Vegas for the WSOP, I tracked him down where he sounds off on everything from upcoming fatherhood to the “PeaHeads” of the 2+2 forums.

Luke Schwartz has talent to burn

Also, why he will be coming to Las Vegas soon and when we should expect to see him next on TV.

A lot of athletes benefit from what they call the “baby bounce”, whereby you see a marked improvement in your performance immediately after the birth of your first child.

If Luke’s poker can take any notice of that, watch out No Limit Hold’em players of the world.

Luke Schwartz has talent to burn, and perhaps just a wee bit of temperance will take his game to that next level, the level of worldbeater. I’m predicting big things for Full Flush in the coming year.

The Poker Show 3 (July 7th) featuring Luke Schwartz is online now! Click the play button to listen:


Which of the four days is the best to play

It’s all down to business as the WSOP Main Event kicked off on Monday. There is always a lot of debate about which of the four days is the best to play, with a lot of pros always picking the last day, Day 1D, based on the theory that that is the day when many businessmen and recreational players will choose because this means the least potential days off of work for a run in Vegas.

I noticed another possibility, regarding Day 1A. Even though Monday’s field was full of some of the top names in poker, there were a suspiciously high number of those stars who had had very poor WSOPs up to this point, in many cases players who had played forty or more events over six weeks with only a scattering of minimal cashes. In short, many of the guys who were stuck to their eyeballs.

Their thinking makes a lot of sense. Get me out of here! Many guys thinking I’ll either build a big stack and run with it or get to go home and end this nightmare. The problem is that usually, if you’re trying to build big or go home, you are on the next plane. Maybe next year the rush will be in reverse, and a few shrewdies will prey on the wounded tigers bleeding all over the carpets during Day 1A.

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