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Luke Schwartz and Giovanni Safina

Turbulence for Luke Schwartz…

After the shenanigans surrounding ‘sandwichgate’ and casino bans – it is hardly no surprise that Full Flush’s transatlantic journey was rocked by turbulence.

Why is everyone hating on me?

The turbulence, however, started at the airport and not at 36,000 feet and was the talk of the reception at the M Resort. Schwartz arrived at the Premier League IV reception and exclaimed “why is everyone hating on me?”

Maybe this is why….

According to a witness, Schwartz turned up for his flight in London when there was only 45 minutes to go until take-off and he got refused boarding for being late. He also forgot to fill in his ESTA.

We were greeted with a barrage of F words and he was asked to leave

The tournament organisers received an email from the airline – an excerpt is quoted below:

“The passenger was told that the flight was closed and we could not take him. We were greeted with a barrage of F words and he was asked to leave.”

Luke eventually had to go to another airport and got the flight to Vegas. FullFlush takes up the story from there:

“I was in economy but managed to fall asleep in first class for six hours. After six hours I woke and I had two crew over me asking me if I had a ticket…oops. I met Phil Hellmuth at the reception – to be honest I always thought he was a donkey but actually he is a bit of a G.”


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