PartyPoker Blog has the WSOP updates and reports from the World Series Of Poker 2010 Main Event, following all our online qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros.

Day 2B

For further updates (day 3 and on) on the WSOP Main Event click here!


We have 35 players going through to the day 3 of the WSOP Main Event 2010. Here are their chipcounts:

  • Dragan Galic 263,600
  • Neil Mcfayden 208,100
  • Jannick Wrang 185,900
  • Floris-Jan Van Der Ven 177,100
  • Danilo De Araujo 169,700
  • Giovanni Rizzo 169,500
  • Konrad Molitor 155,900
  • Cristian Busi 151,400
  • Tim Pollard 118,800
  • Artem Khudaverdiev 106,900
  • Ingo Paulus 104,000
  • Volkan Yalgin 94,900
  • Jorn Walthaus 94,300
  • Torsten Rink 92,000
  • Thomas Huigsloot 88,700
  • Andrew Yip 88,600
  • Jesper Thomsen 86,100
  • Arif Mehmet 84,300
  • Kent Lundmark 80,300
  • Ludvik Ludviksson 75,900
  • Hwang Kim 75,900
  • Felipe Ramos 72,200
  • Scott Oreilly 71,700
  • Gianni Direnzo 71,300
  • Tyron Krost 70,800
  • Kara Scott 62,600
  • Andrew Kinsman 56,400
  • Mario Puccini 48,900
  • Quinn Sivage 45,200
  • Christopher Hauxwell 41,200
  • Arthur Deguzman 37,800
  • Sebastian Gohr 35,100
  • Sergio Calvo 29,000
  • Mark Crocker 25,600
  • Gregory Howard 1 ??


Wondering how and where Tom “durrrr” Dwan spends his break time at the WSOP Main Event 2010? Check out the footage as Jesse May got an exclusive look into durrrr’s private WSOP RV. Full interview will be on the upcoming episode of The Poker Show with Jesse May hosted on PartyPoker Blog.


World Poker Tour introduced their Royal Flush Girls to the world today. Here is your chance to get to know them:


Giovanni Safina is out! Giovanni was in a big pot versus the chipleader at the table. Safina had 82,000 while the chipleader had 140,000.

Safina picked [Ax][6x], raised 2,500 and got one call – the chipleader from the big blind. Flop seemed great for Safina: [Ax][6x][7x]. Big blind bet 4,500, Safina raised him 15,000. He was thinking quiet a while before making a rereraise of 29,000. Safina pushed the rest of his chips and got an istant call. The big blind had [6x][6x] and there was no luck for Safina on Turn and River.


Giovanni Rizzo is at 126,000. Rizzo was on such a roller coaster today – started at 76,000, going all the way down to 15,000 and now back up to all-time-high of 126,000.


Giovanni Safina is at 82,600. Giovanni had a great read on his opponent earlier calling a big bet with the bottom pair of 6’s on the river. The opponent has Ace high and few of the people at the table clapped at Giovanni’s call.


Tyron Krost is at 55,000 now. He won quiet a nice pot holding [3x][3x] and hitting another [3x] on the Turn.


Floris-Jan Van Der Ven is at 95,000. He finds his table were predictable so he is taking control of the table, putting a lot of pressure and playing some aggressive poker.

He won a big pot of 35,000 earlier calling a 7,000 bet on the river with Q high and winning! A great read!


Gregory Howard is at 92,000. He made a big laydown holding [Ax][Kx] on the button. Everyone folded and Gregory raised it but small blind reraised and the big blind rereraised him. All three players were about equal in chips so Gregory decided to fold. It turned to be a great fold as well, as both players ended up all-in – one holding [Jx][Jx], the other one [Ax][Ax].


Quinn Sivage is up at 73,000 winning a nice hand when he rivered a straight.

Scott Oreilly is at 71,000. He has been up and down whole Day 2. Had [Kx][Kx] in the first hand today, flopped another 9 and won a nice pot versus a player that was holding pocket [Ax][Ax].

Tim Pollard is at 125,000. He picked up [Ax][Ax] and won a big hand beating a guy that was holding [Ax][Kx].


Mario Puccini  is at 55,000. His day had some ups and downs. Lost a big pot holding [9x][9x] and getting on help on the board versus [Jx][Jx].


Team PartyPoker pro Kara Scott is at 130,000! She busted a player earlier with a nut flush and is now at the table with Chris Ferguson.


Giovanni Rizzo was down to 15,000 at one point today and is now back up to 85,000. “I never give up”, says Giovanni. He won a big hand with [Jx][Jx] versus [6x][6x].


Andrew Yip is at 42,000. He went down to under 20,000 at one point but doubled up and got back into the game when he had pocket [Kx][Kx].


Sebastian Gohr is up at 130,000 winning most of his chips when he hit the mid set versus a bottom set.

Artem Khudaverdiev is up at 100,000!

Torsten Rink is at 36,000. No big happenings he says, “Nothing spectacular to report”.


Jesper Thomsen is on the same table as Miika Puumalainen. They are both pretty short stacked with Jesper having 20,000. He has seen no showdowns today. “Just trying to keep myself alive”, says Jesper.


Miika Puumalainen is down to 15,000. “It has been a very unlucky day” says Miika. He had [Kx][Kx] all-in preflop versus [6x][6x] and was very unfortunate that the other guy hit a Flush.


Team PartyPoker pro Tyron Krost is down to 40,000. “Haven’t run particularly well today”, says Tyron.


Mark Crocker is at 35,000. He was down to 10,000 at one point but doubled up in a hand holding [7x][7x] and going all-in preflop versus [Jx][Jx]. Mark was lucky as he hit the [7x] on the flop and he is still in the Main Event.

That was not the only time that Mark won against [Jx][Jx] today – he also held [Ax][Kx] and hit another King on the turn.


Jannsen Oliveira, PartyPoker qualifier from Brazil, is out! Jannsen had 12,000 and found himself all-in with [Ax][Qx].  Big blind had [Ax][9x] and unfortunately for Jannsen picked another 9 on the turn. Very unlucky for Jannsen!

Jannsen had a great time though, “the whole week was great”.


Essam Ali is out! Essam was down to 11,000, picked up [9x][9x] and went all-in. The small blind called with [Qx][Qx] and there was no luck on the board. “No luck the whole two days”, says Essam.

At least he has 20 more years to play at WSOP Main Event as he won the WSOP For Life at PartyPoker.


PartyPoker’s online qualifier Giovanni Rizzo is not having the best start of the day 2. He lost half of his stack with [Kx][Kx] versus  [Ax][Kx]. Very unlucky for Rizzo who went down from 120,000 to 60,000 in that hand.


Team PartyPoker pro Bodo Sbrzesny is out. Bodo picked up [Tx][Tx] on the button, raised the pot but the big stack in the big blind pushed all-in.

Bodo decided to call as he didn’t think that the guy had a big pair. The big blind showed [Ax][Jx].

The board ran [Kx][Jx][2x][Kx][5x] and Bodo is out of the main event.


Essam Ali, winner of WSOP For Life, started the day with 6,000 and doubled up with [Ax][Kx] vs [Jx][Jx] when two guys limped and he shoved.


30 PartyPoker representatives are playing today. Tyron Krost, Kara Scott, Bodo Sbrzesny and Giovanni Safina are the Team PartyPoker pros.


Eleven PartyPoker players, including online qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros Dragan Galic and Felipe Ramos, are through the Day 2A. Here are the chip counts:

  • 13 Dragan Galic 263,600
  • 148 Konrad Molitor 155,900
  • 159 Cristian Busi 151,400
  • 434 Jorn Walthaus 94,300
  • 483 Thomas Huigsloot 88,700
  • 552 Kent Lundmark 80,300
  • 581 Hwang Kim 75,900
  • 582 Ludvik Ludviksson 75,900
  • 604 Felipe Ramos 72,200
  • 745 Andrew Kinsman 56,400
  • 915 Christopher Hauxwell 41,200


Day 2B is underway here at the main event!

Day 2A


Dragan Galic finished the day 2A at 263,300 chips while Felipe Ramos finished with 72,000. All in all another great day for PartyPoker!


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic is at 350,000 at the dinner break. He has more than 100,000 down to the next best player! Impressive!


Christopher Hauxwell is at 70,000. He picked up [Kx][Kx] in late position. There was a raise from the early position, Christopher reraised it and the smalled blind pushed all in for some 40,000. Original raiser decided to fold, Christopher called but the small blind showed [Kx][Kx] as well.


Ludvik Ludviksson is at 73,000. He picked up [Ax][Tx], decided to bet but was forced to make a decision as one player went all-in for some 40,000. Ludvik decided to fold: “It was a difficult call to make, I stood to lose a big part of my stack”.


Andrew Kinsman is fighting on! He was down to 9,400 and decided to make a move. He picked up [Qx][6x] in the small blind, everyone folded to him and Andrew went all-in.

Unfortunately for Andrew the big blind had a big hand holding [Tx][Tx]. Andrew was very lucky though as one of his Queens hit on the river. Andrew is now back up to 21,000.


Thomas Huigsloot is at 98,000 at the dinner break. “Grinding and grinding” says Thomas.

Felipe Ramos is at 63,000. “Up and down, up and down but still have the same chip stack”.

Kate Hearn is at 32,000 – around the same stack as she started at today. “Really boring, nothing is happening”, says Kate “I couldn’t get out even if I was trying.”.


Andrew Kinsman has 18,000 chips. He says he is playing at a good table but has no chips to do much and be a force.

Ludvik Ludviksson is at 93,000. He won a great hand holding [9x][9x] and outflopping the opponent’s [Kx][Kx] by hitting trip 9’s: [Jx][9x][4x].


Team PartyPoker pro Felipe Ramos is at 62,000. He has lost a 100,000 chips pot earlier. Felipe raised under the gun with , player next to him raised him and the button reraised to 4,600. Felipe rereraised to  13,500, one player called and one folded.

Flop came giving Felipe the top pair and nut flush draw. he checked, the other player bet 20,000, Felipe moved all-in and got a call. The opponent showed . Turn was and gave no help to Felipe and brought him down to 62,000.


Thomas Huigsloot is up on 90,000. He flopped the bottom set versus the two top pair and got paid off.

Last hand before the break he limped from under the gun with [2x][2x]. He flopped the full house with [2x][Kx][Kx] and got a nice payout.


Hwang Yong Kim, PartyPoker’s online qualifier, is up on 150,000! Hwang picked up [Ax][Ax] and was lucky that someone held [Ax][Kx] and decided to go all-in.


Dragan Galic is at 330,000 and still the chipleader of the Main Event.

Italian online qualifier Cristian Busi is holding very well himself with 137,000 chips.


Kara Scott has just blogged about her day yesterday at the Day 1D, where she finished with 69,625.


Ludvik Ludviksson is up on 80,000. He found himself in a big hand with [Kx][Kx] vs [Qx][Qx] and was able to get some money on a Jack high flop.


Ammar Naamani went from 78,000 down to 25,000. He called all-ins twice and lost both times.

First time he had [Jx] vs and the opponent hit the Flush of spades.

Second time he had [Kx][Jx] vs [Ax][8x]. Ammar did hit a pair of Kings on the flop but an Ace on the Turn did do no good.


Christopher Hauxwell started at 47,000 today and is now up on 85,000. He was on a bit of a roller coaster today as he dropped down to 28,000 at one point.

He picked up [7x][7x] and got one caller on the [2x][3x][5x] flop. Christopher pushed all-in and got the call. The opponent had [4x][4x] and missed so Christopher was able to double up and get back into the Main Event!


Cristian Busi, qualifier from Italy, is up on 112,000. He started with 47,000 so a very good start of the day.


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic is up on 300,000 chips!

He picked up on the button. Middle position raised, Dragan was the only caller. Flop was giving Dragan the nut flush.

A series of raises and reraises followed before Dragan decided to call only and see the turn – .

Another series of raises and reraises followed before Dragan moved all-in and the opponent folded. This was a 80,000+ pot.

In another big pot Dragan picked up [Ax][Ax], got two callers on the flop [Ax][Qx][2x]. Dragan got the full house when [2x] hit on the turn. The opponent had [Ax][Tx] and Dragan eliminated him.


Simon Muenz, PartyPoker’s WSOP For Life winner, is out! Simon started the day at 22,800 went down to 15,000 and then doubled up to 30,000.

A guy who was on tilt called Simon’s 30 big blind all-in. Simon had [8x][8x] while the tilt guy had [Tx][4x]. Nice gift for Simon and a very nice double up!

Simon’s last hand he played versus a loose guy whom he has a history with. Simon picked [Ax][Ax], went all-in and was snap called. The player showed [Ax] offsuit and unfortunately for Simon hit a runner runner straight with four hearts on the board.

There is always the next year for Simon, in fact 20 of them, as he has his future buy-ins secured by PartyPoker.


Ammar Naamani is at 48,000 now after starting the day with 40,525. Ammar’s objective today is to continue this winning trend and to win 10,000 chips per hour!

Another very aggressive table, people moved all-in versus Ammar three times already, forcing him to fold every time. One of the hands was , which was a hard hand to fold.

Ammar says he prefers to be the one making moves and getting people to make decisions, instead of being the one having to make the decision.


Konrad Molitor is doing well and is now up on 100,000 chips! It is very aggressive start of the day 2 he says, people are making moves and gambling. Konrad played two pots and won them both without a showdown.


Online qualifier Mark Griffin is out! Mark was short after losing with [Ax][Ax] versus [Kx][Kx].

He looked into [3x][3x] on the button and went all-in for 20 big blinds. He was called with [Kx][Jx] and another King on the board was enough to eliminate Mark unfortunately.


Mike Sexton is out! One guy raised, next guy bet 3,000, Mike had 15,000, looked into [Kx][Kx] and decided to move all-in.

Original raiser moved all-in as well while the third guy hesitated and finally made the call as well. The player had a $100 chip on his cards so wasn’t all-in and the players couldn’t turn up their cards before the flop.

Flop was [9x][8x][2x] and one of the guys started jumping up and celebrating. It was only at this point that the players were able to turn up their hands and one player had [Qx][Qx] while the guy that was celebrating had hit three Nines.

No King for Mike on Turn or River and his Main Event 2010 is over.

Mike thinks it is a terrible call to make with pocket Nines against two players going all-in. He doesn’t blame the guy for celebrating so much though, he wasn’t doing anything to embarrass Mike. He was just excited to hit his hand. “It is the Main Event, you are supposed to be excited to win a hand like that”, says Sexton.


Total number of players at the Main Event this year is 7,319. Prizepool is at $68,798,600. Top 747 to get paid!

November Nine payouts:

  1. $8,944,138
  2. $5,545,855
  3. $4,129,979
  4. $3,092,497
  5. $2,332,960
  6. $1,772,939
  7. $1,356,708
  8. $1,045,738
  9. $811,823


Pictures from the Day 1D have now been posted onto PartyPoker’s Facebook  wall.


What a Day 1 at WSOP Main Event for PartyPoker online qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros. Check the full live updates from WSOP Main Event day 1. These are our players going into the Day 2 (update: names in red have now been eliminated):

  • Jorn Walthaus 137,025 (day 2A)
  • Jannick Wrang 114,550
  • Konrad Molitor 89,900 (day 2A)
  • Patrick Uzan 87,950 (day 2A)
  • Tyron Krost 86,575
  • Gregory Howard 78,800
  • Giovanni Rizzo 76,775
  • Volkan Yalgin 75,675
  • Tim Pollard 71,350
  • Kent Lundmark 70,000 (day 2A)
  • Kara Scott 69,625
  • Gianni Direnzo 69,025
  • Artem Khudaverdiev 62,375
  • Dragan Galic 60,550 (day 2A)
  • Ingo Paulus 52,625
  • Quinn Sivage 52,525
  • Mario Puccini 52,300
  • Miika Puumalainen 52,150
  • Joao Studart 51,000 (day 2A)
  • Ludvik Ludviksson 50,100 (day 2A)
  • Neil Mcfayden 48,975
  • Sebastian Gohr 48,775
  • Giovanni Safina 48,375
  • Hwang Yong Kim 48,250 (day 2A)
  • Tomas Mitell 48,175 (day 2A)
  • Andrew Yip 47,875
  • Christopher Hauxwell 47,800 (day 2A)
  • Cristian Busi 47,650 (day 2A)
  • Arthur Deguzman 45,800
  • Arif Mehmet 45,450
  • Thomas Huigsloot 41,200 (day 2A)
  • Ammar Naamani 40,525 (day 2A)
  • Torsten Rink 36,925
  • Felipe Ramos 36,750 (day 2A)
  • Kate Hearn 32,500 (day 2A)
  • Frederick Deguzman 31,350
  • Mark Crocker 30,800
  • Julian Lange 28,100
  • Floris-Jan Van Der Ven 25,250
  • Andrew Kinsman 24,850 (day 2A)
  • Renaud Desferet 24,575 (day 2A)
  • Simon Muenz 22,800 (day 2A)
  • Danilo De Araujo 22,750
  • Jesper Thomsen 19,475
  • Peter Nagy 18,550 (day 2A)
  • Barry Donovan 18,200
  • Bodo Sbrzesny 14,675
  • Mike Sexton 12,500 (day 2A)
  • Jannsen Oliveira 12,000
  • Mark Griffin 10,100 (day 2A)
  • Peter Menyhert 9,725 (day 2A)
  • Essam Ali 6,600

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