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Unlike some people, I love airports. Yes, it’s not always comfortable, the lines are huge and they make you pack and unpack ten times in a row, but it also means you are traveling somewhere exciting!

A week ago I packed up and went to my base airport, Edinburgh to make my 20 hour journey to the city of chip shuffle and poker paradise – Las Vegas.

The strip unfolding in front of me

I have been coming here for so many years but I always hold my breath when I’m landing and see the strip unfolding in front of me.

Seeing those lights leaves me breathless for two reasons – the gorgeous view and the fact that I will be busy beyond my limits for the next three weeks. One would think that causes stress but I assure you, there is nothing that pumps my adrenalin more than being busy.

Following the action, delivering information and pictures directly to the hungry readers and waking up every day trying to be original and interesting is whats it all about.

Although all of these things make me wake up with a smile on my face, there is those days that stress me out and that is when I have to go to a party straight from the plane. I’m a girl, I need my hair done, my makeup… girls will understand.

A fab welcome party

After hopping under a shower and quickly strapping my heels on, I had no choice but to tell my jet lag to snooze and get to THE hotel. WSOP was hosting a fab party and all of my Party Team was there. It was so great to catch up with Kara Scott and Jesse May, haven’t seen them since The Big Game.

Line of chat, line of interviews, along come Tyron Krost and Bodo Sbrzesny…. There was not much time to enjoy the amazing view from the Mix club – we had to get to the action. I only allowed myself a reward of one glass of red wine and stayed a good girl – we had a big day ahead of us.

The next morning we took the boys out to the desert to do a cool photo shoot for the PartyPoker blog that I can not wait to show and then hopped into the Mustang (yes, we’re mini baller in here) to meet our Italianos – the two Giovannis made me such a tasty lunch!

Just when I was getting into all this diva treatment, I got woken up – the Main Event was about to start and there was a lot of preparation to do – making sure our qualifiers spend some nice time while in Vegas – they went sightseeing, choppering, dining… and I was there to follow the whole action. I sometimes wish WSOP, like Christmas, lasts the whole year round. Oh, gotta go, another Party Poker Team member doubled up!


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