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Our Daily Legends continue to be extremely popular, especially on Sundays when they have their guarantees boosted. Several stellar names took down Daily Legends on November 8 and now have substantially larger bankrolls than at the start of the weekend.

Here are some of the highlights.

High Roller Big Game Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jonathan Proudfoot United Kingdom $89,997.94
2 Abdelhakim Zoufri Netherlands $64,788.90
3 Pascal Hartmann Austria $47,180.10
4 Christopher Putz Austria $33,893.75
5 Mark Radoja Canada $23,925.00
6 Jacob Verloop Netherlands $18,940.62
7 Elio Fox Mexico $15,551.25
8 Mikita Badziakouski Slovenia $12,760.00
9 Kristen Bicknell Canada $10,566.87

Jonathan Proudfoot of the United Kingdom walked away with the largest prize at partypoker this weekend thanks to coming out on top in the High Roller Big Game.

Some 157 players bought in for $2,600 and the top 20 finishers won a slice of the $398,750 prize pool. Hungarian legend Andras Nemeth burst the bubble, which locked up a min-cash of $6,180.62 for the surviving players.

Such luminaries as Sam Grafton, Simon Mattsson, Dimitar Danchev, and William Foxen all saw a return on their investment.

Each of the nine finalists guaranteed themselves a five-figure score. Team partypoker’s Kristen Bicknell finished in ninth for $10,566.87 before teammate Mikita Badziakouski fell in eighth for $12,760.00.

Double WSOP bracelet winner Elio Fox and Netherlands’ Jacob Verloop were the next casualties. They scooped $15,551.25 and$18,940.62 respectively. Mark Radoja ($23,925.00) ran out of steam in fifth-place before Christopher Putz saw his tournament end abruptly in fourth-place for a $33,893.75 score.

Heads-up was set when Pascal Hartmann busted in third for $47,180.10. This left Proudfoot and Abdelhakim Zoufri as the last players standing. The difference between first and second place was worth more than $25,000 but the heads-up duo didn’t strike a deal. This meant Zoufri collected $64,788.90 when he lost the one-on-one battle with Proudfoot who banked an impressive $89,997.94.

Big Game Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Sander Totuli Brazil $42.477.90
2 Fabian Gumz Austria $30,521.05
3 David Yan New Zealand $20,946.70
4 Enrico Camosci Mexico $14,833.50
5 Matthieu Rodriguez United Kingdom $10,608.20
6 Nicolas Maillaud Malta $7,731.40
7 Alexander Van Der Swaluw Netherlands $5,461.42
8 Mathew Suarez Canada $4,360.15
9 Peter Jetten Canada $3,708.37

Three members of Team partypoker navigated their way to the money places of the Big Game but, sadly, they couldn’t quite get the job done.

Josip Simunic netted $1,730.57 for his 31st place finish with Jeff Gross busting in 16th place, a finish worth $2,674.52. Dzmitry Urbanovich went the deepest of the orange diamonds, eventually busting in 12th place and turning $530 into $3,191.45.

The final table was a star-studded affair. Peter Jetten’s exit in ninth left the waters slightly less infested with sharks. Jetten was joined on the sidelines first by Mathew Suarez then by Alexander van Der Swaluw and Malta’s Nicolas Mailaud.

Matthieu Rodriguez scooped the tournament’s first five-figure prize, namely $10,608.20, when he crashed and burned in fifth-place. Enrico Camosci, all the way from sunny Mexico, bowed out in fourth, a finish worth $14,833.50.

Any of the final three players would have been a worthy champion, but only one person can win a poker tournament. That person wasn’t David Yan because he came unstuck in third, for $20,946.70.

Brazil’s Sander Totuli then defeated Fabian Gumz heads-up to claim the $42,477.90 top prize and leave Gumz to reel in a $30,521.05 consolation prize.

Mini Big Game Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Tomasz Kwiecinski Norway $14,731.91*
2 Bertrand Evans United Kingdom $11,150.00*
3 Philip Jacobsen Denmark $12,250.00
4 Vinnie Mohan United Kingdom $5,394.15
5 Marcio Nakamura Brazil $3,786.59
6 Jan-Felix Boger Germany $2,606.28
7 Danh Tran United Kingdom $1,790.21
8 Sergei Istsenko Estonia $1,332.51
9 Dmitry Perov Kazahkstan $1,089.51

This week’s Mini Big Game was anything but mini with a $106,815 prize pool up for grabs for a $55 buy-in. It ended in a three-handed chop where that trio shared a cool $38,000.

Philip Jacobsen of Denmark finished in third and won $12,250.00 with Bertrand Evans banking $11,150.00 as part of the deal and an official runner-up finish. Norway’s Tomasz Kwiecinski is the man credited with being the Mini Big Game champion, an accolade that came with $14,731.91.

Check Out These Incredible Daily Legends Results

It isn’t only the trio of Big game evens that payout big buck because all our Daily Legends award big prizes in relation to their buy-in.

Team Online’s Matthew Staples triumphed in the $33 buy-in Assassin and walked away with a prize worth $3,998.61 with bounty payments included.

Team partypoker’s Richard “RichyDubini” Dubini almost won a Daily Legends event but had to ultimately make do with a third-place finish in the $109 Weekender. While disappointed not to secure the title, the $10,308.22 Dubini won will help to numb the pain.

  • FLYZIONFLY – first-place in the $1,111 High Roller One Shot for $44,281.14
  • SentaaPua – first-place in the $320 300 for $23,998.61
  • LicjMyCev – first-place in the $109 Weekender for $21,089.31*
  • TheFloes – first-place in the $777 Magnificent 777 for $20,593.72
  • PlinToThein – first-place in the $109 One Shot for $17,217.50
  • PCOTOK – first-place in the $55 Gladiator for $14,744.44*
  • rafiaobs – first-place in the $215 Warrior for $13,715.43*
  • Poug Dolk – first-place in the $215 Deepstack for $10,032.50
  • Gaugi444 – first-place in the $44 Magnum for $6,722.28*
  • medium546 – first-place in the $22 Mini Warrior for $6,442.91*
  • raag – first-place in the $22 Clasico for $6,276.48
  • Foll0w_me – first-place in the $66 Super 6 for $5,628.57
  • muppetcatcher – first-place in the $77 Magnificent 77 for $4,987.30*
  • rakemenow – first-place in the $88 The 88 for $4,934.38
  • soulreader16 – first-place in the $33 Grind for $4,566.61
  • thakinglukie – first-place in the $11 Terminator for $4,492.78*
  • MatthewStaples – first-place in the $33 Assassin for $3,998.61*
  • swurley3000 – first-place in the $16.50 Spartan for $3,815.51*
  • Boburnoma – first-place in the $22 Blade for $3,596.60*
  • RaphaMNogue – first-place in the $11 Mini One Shot for $3,315
  • raczek – first-place in the $7.50 Ninja for $1,817.97*
  • Grooperfish – first-place in the Magnificent 7 for $1,778.03*
  • RiverZillaBR – first-place in the $5.50 Headhunter for $1,656.77*
  • Fishio – first-place in the $5.50 Five Diamond for $1,185.52
  • Peteris B. – first-place in the $5.50 Flash for $1,040.41
  • vera fish – first-place in the $3.30 Brawl for $902.42*
  • clikclaks – first-place in the $2.20 Double Jab for $637.91*
  • LTsania – first-place in the $2.20 Deuce for $420.50
  • Sannin22 – first-place in the $1.10 Jab for $351.29*

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