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One of the biggest guaranteed Monster Series events on the schedule kicked off on November 7 and it is “jayloudon313” who is in pole position after the first of two excellently-structured starting flights.

The finished first from 353 survivors in the $33 buy-in 8-Max Knockout, a tournament featuring a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool!

Monster #08 – 8-Max Knockout Day 1A: $200K Gtd

Buy-in: $33
Entrants: 2,461
Prize pool:

Place Player Chips
1 jayloudon313 2,574,400
2 Reggie4141 2,367,618
3 NoKing 2,325,418
4 jayjay2332 2,310,019
5 Brakeing 2,257,152
6 joaopalminha 2,183,922
7 Effervescence 2,124,078
8 Johnyb3 1,849,238
9 Facitlisten 1,803,598
10 jlit16899 1,778,741

Some 2,461 players bought into the 8-Max Knockout event on November 7 and only 353 of those hopefuls punched their Day 2 tickets at the first attempt.

It was a great evening at the partypoker tables for jayloudon313 who amassed 2,574,400 chips by the time the curtain came down on Day 1A proceedings, earning them the title of overnight chip leader.

The chip leader already has $110.61 in bounty payments and looks set for many more. Only fourth-placed “jayjay2332” ($112.49) and fifth-placed “Brakeing” ($123.27) managed to get their hands on more scalps.

Six other players, in addition to the chip leader, finished their Day 1A entry with more than two million chips. Keep an eye out for “Reggie4141” (2,367,618), “NoKing” (2,325,418), “jayjay2332” (2,310,019), “Brakeing” (2,257,152), “joaopalminha” (2,183,922), and “Effervescence” (2,124,078) on Monday’s Day 2.

Monster #08 – Mini 8-Max Knockout: $20K Gtd

Buy-in: $3.30
Entrants: 3,023
Prize pool:

Place Player Chips
1 Egged77 3,881,090
2 Djuro35777 3,536,207
3 Xeniyaruss 3,108,806
4 Fredy284 2,368,673
5 patermore 2,253,467
6 AzzaC11 2,204,930
7 zazazu123 2,022,813
8 Headgarde369 2,011,124
9 Diving-Shark707 1,966,904
10 vlnavlPro 1,957,220

The Mini edition of the 8-Max Knockout was only mini in name because 3,023 players turned out for it and contributed $9,069 towards the $20,000 guarantee. Will you be playing Day 1B today for only $3.30?

“Egged77” was the player who claimed the Day 1A chip lead and almost broke through four-million chips! They ultimately finished with a 3,881,090 stack and just shy of $13 worth of bounty payments.

Two other Day 1A players finished the night with more than three-million chips in their stack and have done their chances of glory in this event no harm at all.

“Djuro35777” finished with 3,536,207 chips while “Xeniyaruss” bagged up an impressive 3,108,806 chips, enough for third-place on the night.

Monster #14 – Hyper: $7.5K Gtd

Buy-in: $5.50
Entrants: 1,512
Prize pool: $7,560

Place Player Prize
1 MoneyGrabb3R $986.67*
2 Haegl202 $908.91*
3 Shimmyjimmy26 $616.14
4 kremeshCZ $453.60
5 paden22 $302.40
6 PP fede $207.90
7 BenEdwards7 $151.20

*reflects a heads-up deal

The aptly-named “MoneyGrabb3R” is the latest partypoker Monster Series champion after they outlasted 1,511 opponents in the $5.50 buy-in Hyper event. The four-minute clock meant the tournament only took around 3.5 hours to finish, leading to an awesome hourly rate for the champion whose top prize weighed in at $986.67.

That prize would have been larger but a deal was struck between MoneyGrabb3R and the official runner-up “Haegl202”, the latter securing a $908.91 payout.

Shout out to the other finalists who won between $151.20 and $616.14 for their impressive finishes. They were, in ascending order, “BenEdwards7”, “PP fede”, “paden22”, “kremeshCZ”, and “Shimmyjimmy2”.

Monster #14 – Mini Hyper: $750 Gtd

Buy-in: $0.55
Entrants: 931
Prize pool: $750

Place Player Prize
1 badgame $122.54
2 Subitus $91.65
3 Notnow2020 $67.97
4 Jul_y $47.62
5 TSILIAS1986 $31.12
6 dispenza1987 $22.25
7 muska41177 $17.32

The Mini Hyper was equally as short from start to finish and our champion turned a mere $0.55 buy-in into $122.54, which is pretty ridiculous we’re sure you’ll agree.

“badgame” was that champion. They finished above the 930 other entrants to scoop a chunky prize in comparison to the tiny, or should that be mini, buy-in. “Subitus” was the tournament’s runner-up, second-place weighed in at a cool $91.65, giving their bankroll a substantial boost.

What Monster Series Can I Play Today?

Sunday 8 November sees a new event kick-off at 17:30 CET, a pair of Deepstack tournaments. These have, without a doubt, one of the best structures you’ll find in a $1.10 and $11 buy-in tournament. Buy in and you’ll be playing in a championship quality tournament for a fraction of the cost; the cream will rise to the top.

November 8 also sees Day 1B of the 8-Max Knockout and Mini 8-Max Knockout take place. Get involved in those events from 20:05 CET and see if you can catch any of the Day 1A leaders.

Time (GMT) Time (CET) Event Buy-in
16:30 17:30 Monster #15 – Deepstack: $20K Gtd $11
16:30 17:30 Monster #15 – Mini Deepstack: $2K Gtd $1.10
19:05 20:05 Monster #13 – 8-Max Knockout Day 1B: $200K Gtd $33
19:05 20:05 Monster #13 – Mini 8-Max Knockout Day 1B: $20K Gtd $3.30

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