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The three WPTWOC Turbo Championship events crowned their champions on September 20 and it was Dimitar Danchev who triumphed in the $3,200 edition.

WPT #11 Turbo Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria $188,316*
2 Aliaksei Boika Belarus $156,843*
3 Alfred Karlsson Sweden $184,832*
4 Ferenc Deak Hungary $81,363
5 Asgrimur Karl Iceland $56,014
6 Patrik Buzhala Croatia $41,488
7 Oleg Vasylchenko Ukraine $31,908

*reflects a three-handed deal

Danchev was one of 433 entrants who helped blow the $1 million guarantee out of the water by $299,000. This massive prize pool was dished out among the top 63 finishers and there were plenty of recognisable names among those who cashed.

Team partypoker’s Richard Dubini (49th – $7,209), and Jeff Gross (43rd – $7,209) were joined at the payout desk by such luminaries as Ari Engel (51st – $6,559), Connor Drinan (48th – $7,209), David Peters (28th – $10,456), Mike Leah (15th – $12,556), Faraz Jaka (11th – $19,874), and Damian Salas (10th – $19,874).

Each of the seven players at the official final table guaranteed themselves $31,908. Oleg Vasylchenko won this sum before Patrik Buzhala and Asgrimur Karl busted and left only four players in contention for the title. Karl won his $3,200 ticket for free when he took down a $22 Mini Masters in July and waited all this time to use it. What a great decision that turned out to be because he’s now $56,014 richer!

Hungary’s Ferenc Deak won the $81,363 fourth-place prize. The last standing trio of players decided to discuss a deal to flatten the payouts. A deal was agreed, one that left $10,000 for the eventual champion.

Sweden’s Alfred Karlsson benefited from the deal the most because he crashed out in third-place and won $184,832. His demise left Danchev and Aleksei Boika heads-up for the title. Danchev got the job done and the extra $100,000, resulting in a total prize worth $188,316. Boika won $156,843 for approximately 8.5 hours work!

WPT #11 Mini Turbo Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Floyd Rosner Netherlands $66,041
2 Alexandro Mantovani Brazil $44,726
3 Patrick Pedersen Denmark $30,103
4 Bahar Musa Bulgaria $20,366
5 Jordan Knackstedt Canada $14,073
6 Francisco Pinho Correia Brazil $10,125
7 Cornelius Wille De Moree Netherlands $7,603

The Mini edition was only mini in name because 1,353 players exchanged $320 and created a $405,900 prize pool that was some $105,900 more than the advertised $300,000 guarantee.

There was no deal struck in this events which meant Floyd Rosner of the Netherlands saw his $320 turn into an incredible $66,041 when he defeated Alexandre Mantovani heads-up. The Brazilian runner-up walked away with $44,726 reasons to be happy.

All but one of the seven finalists scooped a five-figure prize.

Cornelius Wille De Moree banked $7,603 for his seventh-place exit with Francisco Pinho Correia netting $10,125 when he busted one place deeper. Jordan Knackstedt, Bahar Musa, and Patrick Pedersen were the other finalists, the latter winning $30,103 for his third-place finish.

WPT #11 Micro Turbo Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ronald Fokker Netherlands $17,537
2 Fabio Maritan Pereira Brazil $11,810
3 Marcus Ekman Sweden $7,895
4 James Walker United Kingdom $5,294
5 Maksim Zhimashin Russia $3,622
6 Tommy Ravn Norway $2,577
7 Denis Weier Germany $1,910

The Micro edition was another massive event with 3,890 players buying in for $33 and beating the $100,000 guarantee by $16,700.

Netherlands’ Ronald Fokker and Brazil’s Fabio Maritan Pereira finished in first and second place respectively and saw their partypoker account balance swell by $17,537 and $11,810 accordingly.

The remaining five finalists all won between $1,910 and $7,895 for their $33 investment. Congratulations to Denis Weier, Tommy Rvan, Maksim Zhimashin, James Walker, and Marcus Ekman who busted in seventh-through-third in this action-packed event.

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