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I cannot wait to come to France for the WPT National Series at the ACF from the 9th – 14th February and the European Poker Awards.

As some of you will know, France provides me with fond memories – I destroyed Surinder Sunar in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris but the main reason I am looking forward to it this time is I think French tournaments offer huge value for players like me.

I’m not even one of the world’s best players but I’m a one man donkey squad ready to get my jaws into all those French fishies.

In terms of poker nations I would argue that France is right up there with Russia competing for the title of the country with the world’s worst poker players. Think about it, which French players have had a Napoleonic influence on the world poker circuit online or offline.

Fair enough you have to have respect for David Benyamine, he’s French but the closest he gets to France is the Paris Hotel in Vegas (that’s if you can get him out of Bellagio).

Then there’s Elky – isn’t he a French speaking Asian video game god? I wouldn’t really count these guys as proper French players – more Americans. The rest, well I simply have nothing to write about – you can count your world class players on one hand – one hand that has had five fingers bitten off by my dog that is…

This is Tony G v France

Anyway France, here’s the challenge – I want to start a poker revolution, I’m here to chop your heads off and make you eat cake. This is Tony G v France! I am here to give you my guiding hand, make you less emotional and teach you not to overplay KJ.

Forget the Durrrr Challenge and its rapidly decreasing stakes – this is me against some of the best you have. Yes, it is true France may get together a team who dont argue with each other like their footballers. This is going to be me in a blindfold crushing your souls. I’m so confident i may even let my dog play in my place.

At 10pm on the 13th February there is going to be a pre Valentines night massacre. First prize in this sit and go is an entry for the $10,000 highroller event entry at the ACF WPT National Series courtesy of The line-up will include :

  • Tony G
  • Bruno Fitoussi ( ACF Poker )
  • Guillaume Darcourt ( PMU Poker )
  • 1 players from Club Poker
  • 1 player from Poker Strategy
  • 1 Player from Poker Academy

Five donkeys in a row. Bruno ‘The King’ Fitoussi is clearly not the king as that is Zasko. He also will not let me bring my dog into the ACF so bike time awaits Bruno. If it was Horse I would give Fitoussi a chance, but his charm will not work on me in no limit.

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Then there is Guillaume Darcourt, like Bruno a more handsome man than me but easy prey. He won the WPT Bucharest but beating a load of Romanians doesn’t put him in my class. He has a lovely wife, I think she’d have more chance of beating me? How about if I do inevitably win I get to take her for dinner Guillaume? Is that an indecent proposal?

With PMU Poker involved I also request a horse and cart race. I remember seeing the footage from the last Grand Prix de Paris – can you arrange something so I can show my superiority on and off the felt? If you can, I would only want to be riding the biggest stallion.

As for the rest of the line-up? You have one player from Club Poker, Poker Strategy and Poker Academy – get online and try and join in the fun now. Remember though I am a crocodile and you’ll get eaten so don’t plan to be at the ACF for more than an hour.

I will bring my bike, I will wear a stripey jersey – hell I will wear onions around my neck if you think it gives you a better chance. Look forward to seeing you.


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