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Sunday 3 July was a great day for Team partypoker’s Staples brothers with Jaime Staples taking down The Grand for $23,048 and Matt Staples winning the Super $530 for $15,958, the latter doing so while suffering with COVID-19!

Jaime has been knocking on the door of a victory in The Grand for the past few weeks. Two bubbles and two runner-up finishes during the past month got Jaime wondering what he had to do to capture the title of this $1,050 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed event.

The final table lost its first player when Austria’s Manfred Rath crashed out in ninth for $3,281. Nazim Cherkit ($3,768), Norson Saho (4,291) and the superstar that is Claas Segebrecht (4,928) joined Rath on the rail.

With the eliminations of Jan Strazisar ($5,958), Joshua McCully (7,749), and UK-based Norwegian Preben Stokkan ($10,626), Jaime found himself heads up against Swedish online poker tournament legend Simon Mattsson.

The final hand of The Grand took place during the 700,000/1,400,000/175,000a level. Mattsson min-raised to 2,800,000 and called when Jaime set him all-in for the 27,732,280 chips he had behind. Jaime flipped over and found himself against .

“For the title! Hold it!” Jaime cried out but the flop fell .

“No!” said Jaime for the landed on the turn.

“Yes! Hold!” came the plea. The rolled off on the river, busting Mattsson in second place and leaving Jaime to finally win The Grand.

The Grand Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jaime Staples Canada $23,048
2 Simon Mattsson Sweden $15,118
3 Preben Stokkan United Kingdom $10,626
4 Joshua McCully New Zealand $7,749
5 Jan Strazisar Slovenia $5,958
6 Claas Segebrecht Austria $4,928
7 Norson Saho Brazil $4,291
8 Nazim Cherkit United Kingdom $3,768
9 Manfred Rath Austria $3,281

Matt Staples Triumphs in the Super $530

While Jaime was on his way to victory in The Grand, Matt Staples was getting his groove on in the Super $530. Matt left 124 opponents in his wake despite suffering the effects of COVID-19.

With bounties included, none of the finalists won less than $1,898. “DVictor11” ($2,452), “Hagoku” ($2,235), “peakyfknblund7” ($1,898), and “The Vox Populi” ($2,336) were the first players to bust from the nine-handed final table.

“TonySopran0” ($3,077), “Donut_lord80” ($2,943), and “Fedder” ($5,055) crashed out, leaving Matt heads-up against “mexerica77” for the title. Both players locked in more than $5,380 from the main prize pool, but the final bounty payment was now five-figures in size.

Matt defeated his final opponent and reeled in a $10,566 bounty to go with his $5,392 prize, leaving mexerica77 to walk away with a $7,565 consolation prize.

Super $530 Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Matt Staples $10,566 $5,392 $15,958
2 mexerica77 $2,179 $5,386 $7,565
3 Fedder $1,699 $3,356 $5,055
4 Donut_lord80 $562 $2,381 $2,943
5 TonySopran0 $1,296 $1,781 $3,077
6 The Vox Populi $898 $1,438 $2,336
7 peakyfknblind7 $718 $1,180 $1,898
8 Hagoku $1,218 $1,017 $2,235
9 DVictor11 $1,593 $859 $2,452

Matt took to Twitter to let his army of followers know about his victory, to which brother Jaime needled him about the size of his payout!

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