Matt Staples

Team partypoker

Matt Staples - Team partypoker

Name: Matt Staples

Nationality: Canadian

partypoker screen name: MatthewStaples

Still in his twenties, Matt Staples has travelled the world playing poker and amassed a Twitch following exceeding 52,000 along the way.

The Canadian native is a mid & high stakes MTT regular. He has posted impressive results at these limits, but is determined to take his game to the next level by solidifying himself as a bona fide high-stakes player.

Having gained 24.6 KG in under a year for a punishing weight loss/gain wager with his brother versus Bill Perkins, Matt’s determination and competitive nature is obvious to all. This mentality has served him well on the tables, as he continues to put in long hours on the felt without losing any enthusiasm.

It’s easy to see why Matt has such a strong Twitch following. He is able to seamlessly switch between multiple tables, whilst still offering meaningful analysis on key hands. With over 3 million views and counting, streamers are able to listen to the thought processes of a pro, and at the same time, cheer on a very likeable personality!!

You can follow Matt on his Twitch channel MattStaples.