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We are not sure what it is but there is something about Sweden that produces exceptional poker players. There always seems to be a Swede high up in the payouts whenever a high roller event take place. There was one at the very top of the payouts in the WPT #23 High Roller on May 24.

The one and only Simon Mattsson won the WPT #23 High Roller event and turned $10,300 into a most impressive $249,791. The man known as “C. Darwin2” in online poker circles, came out on top of a 95-strong field to lock up yet another major poker title.

Seventeen players returned to their seats for Day 2 of this High Roller event, each having locked up at least $21,277 for their efforts.

Christoph Vogelsang was the first player out of the door, with Team partypoker’s Jason Koon following him to the rail soon after. The eliminations of such luminaries as Adrian Mateos, Mike Watson, Joao Vieira, and final table bubble boy Dario Sammartino left only seven players in the hunt for the quarter of a million dollars top prize.

Daniel Dvoress‘ run ended with a seventh place finish worth $37,676. Sami Kelopuro and David Peters followed Dvoress to the sidelines, doing so with $46,521 and $59,059 respectively.

Joakim Andersson, Mattsson’s fellow countryman, crashed out in fourth and got his hands on $80,047, which was the last payout not to weigh in at over $100,000.

Heads-up was set with Greek star Michail Manolakis fell by the wayside. Manolakis padded his bankroll with a cool $116,183.

Mattsson and Wiktor Malinowski were the last pair of players with chips in front of them. Malinowksi is a heads-up cash game specialist, but Mattsson has won more than 230 online poker tournaments during his long and illustrious career. The one-on-one battle went Mattsson’s way, and he banked the $249,791. Malinowksi consoled himself with a $166,429 runner-up payment.

WPT #23 High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Simon Mattsson Sweden $249,791
2 Wiktor Malinowski Russia $166,429
3 Michail Manolakis Greece $116,183
4 Joakim Andersson Malta $80,047
5 David Peters Canada $59,059
6 Sami Kelopuro Finland $46,521
7 Daniel Dvoress Canada $37,676

Bogdanov leads The WPT500 Knockout Final Table

WPT500 Knockout

The WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout has reached its final table with only nine of the 2,054 players remaining. Bulgaria’s Yulian Bogdanov is the man in the envious position of chip leader going into the final table.

Bogdanov returns to his seat armed with 273,438,567 chips, with Caio Pessagno of Brazil his nearest rival with 185,042,562. That is a substantial lead, but Bogdanov knows nothing is certain in poker so he’ll need his wits about him if he is to become a WPT champion.

The chip leader is guaranteed at least $6,064 from the main prize pool and $9,393.07 worth of bounties even if the unthinkable happens and he crashes out in ninth place. He definitely has his eye on the $62,240 top prize, which will be padded by a huge bounty payment come the end of the tournament.

Both Bogdanov and Pessagno will be pushed all the way by the talented chasing pack. This includes Dutch star Michiel Brummelhuis, who has been in hot form during the WPT Online Series, Manfred Hermann, and Jerry Wong.

Tune into our Twitch channel from 20:30 BST to watch the action unfold at this exciting final table.

WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table Chip Counts

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Yulian Bogdanov Bulgaria $9,393.07 273,438,567
2 Caio Pessagno Brazil $5,455.08 185,042,562
3 Michiel Brummelhuis Netherlands $6,121.10 144,257,498
4 Manfred Hermann Austria $9,688.49 138,431,397
5 Diogo Coelho Malta $11,073.24 109,895,953
6 Fabiano Kovalski Brazil $3,323.24 57,597,944
7 Jerry Wong Canada $1,828.12 48,226,309
8 Charles La Boissonniere Canada $3,972.66 47,103,570
9 Sebastian Villegas Mexico $4,091.80 18,920,551

WPT Online Series Events Scheduled For May 25

There are a ton of WPT Online Series tournaments to get your teeth into on May 25, just look at the bustling schedule below.

Time (BST) Tournament Buy-in
16:05 WPT #21 Mix-Max Day 1 Turbo: $500K Gtd $1,575
16:05 WPT #21 Mini Mix-Max Day 1 Turbo: $200K Gtd $162
16:05 WPT #21 Micro Mix-Max Day 1 Turbo: $50K Gtd $16.50
17:05 WPT #22 Omaha Day 1 Turbo: $200K Gtd $1,575
17:05 WPT #22 Mini Omaha Day 1 Turbo: $40K Gtd $162
17:05 WPT #22 Micro Omaha Day 1 Turbo: $10K Gtd $16.50
19:05 WPT #21 Mix-Max Final Day: $500K Gtd
19:05 WPT #21 Mini Mix-Max Final Day: $200K Gtd
19:05 WPT #21 Micro Mix-Max Final Day: $50K Gtd
19:05 WPT #27 6-Max Knockout: $100K Gtd $530
19:05 WPT #27 Mini 6-Max Knockout: $25K Gtd $55
19:05 WPT #27 Micro 6-Max Knockout: $5K Gtd $5.50
19:05 WPT #28 Omaha: $50K Gtd $530
19:05 WPT #28 Mini Omaha: $10K Gtd $55
20:05 WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table: $1M Gtd
20:05 WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table: $1M Gtd
20:05 WPT #09 Super50 Knockout Final Day: $400K Gtd
20:05 WPT #10 Super5 Knockout Final Day: $50K Gtd
20:05 WPT #22 Omaha Final Day: $200K Gtd
20:05 WPT #22 Mini Omaha Final Day: $40K Gtd
20:05 WPT #22 Micro Omaha Final Day: $10K Gtd
20:05 WPT #24 WPT500 Day 1B: $1M Gtd $530
20:05 WPT #24 Super50 Day 1B: $300K Gtd $55
20:05 WPT #24 Super5 Day 1B: $50K Gtd $5.50
21:05 WPT Mix-Max Turbo Knockout: $25K Gtd $320

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