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The latest POWERFEST Super High Roller saw 58 partypoker players exchange $25,500 for 100,000 chips and the chance to become a poker champion. Christoph Vogelsang outlasted everyone and saw $469,691 of the $1,450,000 prize pool head to his account.

POWERFEST #19 Super High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $469,691
2 Sami Kelopuro Finland $288,469
3 Pascal Lefrancois Canada $188,132
4 Shawn Daniels Canada $130,438
5 David Peters Canada $96,574
6 Teun Mulder Netherlands $80,909
7 Linus Loeliger Austria $69,634

Only nine of the 58 starters received a slice of the prize pool. Our very own Mikita Badzaikouski and Kristen Bicknell went deep, finishing in 17th and 14th respectively, but missed out on an in-the-money finish. At least they did not finish in tenth place and burst the money bubble like Ali Imsirovic.

Joao Vieira and Matthias Eibinger were the first two players to bust inside the money. Both superstars padded their bankrolls with $63,075.

Linus Loeliger‘s time at the seven-handed final table was relatively short-lived. The Austrian was down to only 14 big blinds when he busted. Loeliger three-bet all-in with after Sami Kelopuro min-raised to 50,000 with . Kelopuro called, and held as the five community cards ran .

Sixth place and $80,909 went to Dutch star Teun Mulder. The Dutchman ripped it in from the button for 350,354 with during the 15,000/30,000/3,750 level, and Shawn Daniels called in the small blind with . Mulder caught a jack on the flop, but Daniels caught running hearts with the arrivals of the and to improve to a flush. Game over for Mulder.

David Peters fell by the wayside in fifth and won $96,574, the last prize not to weigh in at six-figures. Peters min-raised to 60,000 under the gun with and Daniels called from the big blind with . An action-inducing flop had something for both players. Daniels checked, Peter fired a 120,000 bet into the 153,750 pot, Daniels raised all-in, and Peters called off the 428,323 chips he had behind. The turn nor the river came to Peters’ rescue and the tournament was now down to only four players.

Those four became three with the elimination of Daniels, who banked $130,438. Daniels opted to open-shove for 22.5 big blinds from the small blind with . Pascal Lefrancois looked Daniels up from the big blind with . Daniels’ deuces failed to melt Lefrancois’ snowmen when the board ran .

Three-handed play ended with Lefrancois heading to the showers, despite him claiming the chip lead when he busted Daniels. Blinds were 30,000/60,000/7,500 when Kelopuro made it 132,000 to go from the button with . Lefrancois defended his big blind with , and watched on as the flop fell . Lefrancois checked, Kelopuro tested the waters with a 192,000 bet, which Lefrancois called. The turn did not change the course of the hand, and Lefrancois checked again. Kelopuro fired a second barrel, this one worth 438,000. Lefrancois responded with check-raise all-in for 1,725,356, which Kelopuro called. The river completed the board and confirmed Lefrancois’ demise. Vogelsang doubled through his Finnish opponent when he flopped a set of kings when Kelopuro paired his king. Vogelsang never looked back from that point.

The final hand took place during the 40,000/80,000,10,000a level. Kelopuro limped from the button with , Vogelsang, holding raised to 408,000 before calling when Kelopuro jammed all-in for 1,489,204 in total. The board ran to send Kelopuro home in second place, a finish worth $288,469, leaving Vogelsang to bank a cool $469,691.

That hand handed a huge advantage to Kelopuro, his 4,442,088 stack being far larger than the 1,357,912 of Vogelsang.

Other POWERFEST Event Results

  • Vicent Bosca Ramon – first-place in the $5,200 POWERFEST #21 High Roller for $80,981
  • Kevin Macdonald – first-place in the $1,050 POWERFEST #20 High Roller Deepstack Turbo for $30,622
  • LuxonLuxus – first-place in the $109 POWERFEST #20 Deepstack Turbo for $9,007
  • pierlatetta – first-place in the $11 POWEFEST #20 Mini Deepstack Turbo for $1,818
  • OdinSon3 – first-place in the $1.10 POWERFEST #20 Micro Deepstack Turbo for $248

POWERFEST Events Scheduled For April 21

Time (BST) Tournament Buy-in
16:05 POWERFEST 7-Max Knockout: $50K Gtd $215
16:05 POWERFEST Mini 7-Max Knockout: $25K Gtd $22
16:05 POWERFEST Micro 7-Max Knockout: $2.5K Gtd $2.20
18:05 POWERFEST High Roller Omaha: $100K Gtd $2,100
18:05 POWERFEST Omaha: $30K Gtd $215
18:05 POWERFEST Mini Omaha: $7.5K Gtd $22
18:05 POWERFEST Micro Omaha: $750 Gtd $2.20
19:05 POWERFEST #22 Turbo Knockout: $100K Gtd $530
19:05 POWERFEST #22 Mini Turbo Knockout: $75K Gtd $55
19:05 POWERFEST #22 Micro Turbo Knockout: $7.5K Gtd $5.50
20:05 POWERFEST #18 The Big Fifty Knockout: $500K Gtd $55
22:05 POWERFEST Deepstack Hyper: $20K Gtd $109
22:05 POWERFEST Mini Deepstack Hyper: $7.5K Gtd $11
22:05 POWERFEST Micro Deepstack Hyper: $750 Gtd $1.10

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