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“KirbyPop” captured a POWERFEST title on April 21 when they topped a 198-strong field in the $530 POWERFEST #22 Turbo Knockout tournament.

The tournament only took 4.5 hours from start to finish thanks to the seven-minute blind structure. KirbyPop was the last player standing when the dust settled as just before 23:40 BEST.

Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard navigated his way to a 29th place finish. Leonard collected $605 from the main prize pool, but did not lock up any bounty payments.

Someone who did secure some bounties was “Brachiosaurus” who was the six-handed final table’s first casualty. They scooped $2,012 for their sixth-place finish plus an additional $1,437 worth of bounties.

“Noname69” and “Cleaner88” followed the dinosaur-named player to the sidelines, doing so with total prizes that weighed in at $4,120 and $4,830 respectively.

Third place and $7,413 went to “hspgjtsr” whose elimination left KirbyPop and “RGx17” heads-up for the title. Both the heads-up players locked in more than $7,900 from the main prize pool but the bounty payments were now very large.

KirbyPop defeated RGx17 in the one-on-one section of this event, meaning their main prize pool prize swelled by a cool $12,394 thanks to the PKO element. The runner-up walked away with an additional $4,285 worth of scalps.

POWERFEST #22 – Turbo Knockout Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 KirbyPop $7,915 $12,394
2 RGx17 $7,905 $4,285
3 hspgjtsr $5,367 $2,046
4 Cleaner88 $3,580 $1,250
5 Noname69 $2,574 $1,546
6 Brachiosaurus $2,012 $1,437

Gonzalez Gallops Away With High Roller Omaha Title

While not one of the numbered POWERFEST events, the $2,100 High Roller Omaha tournament attracted its fair share of elite poker players. A compact field of 49 entrants included Dan Shak, Gavin Cochrane, Niklas Astedt, and Anton Suarez; and those are just a small selection who did not finish in the top nine positions where the $100,000 was paid out.

Jonathan Skovsen and our Finnish star Joni Jouhkimainen were the first two players to cash, although both narrowly missed out on a final table spot. Jouhkimainen’s fellow Finn, Anssi Kinttala finished in seventh before Bujtas Laszlo dusted off his stack in sixth place.

Epsen Myrmo had to make do with the $6,660 fifth place prize money, while Bulgarian pro Boris Angelov fell in fourth and won $8,995, the last prize not worth five figures.

Third-place and $12,794 went to Darren Presley, which set up an enticing heads-up clash between Fabrizio Gonzalez and Simon Lofberg. Gonzalez is better known for his no-limit hold’em prowess but showed the world he is equally adept with four hole cards. Gonzalez busted Lofberg in second, leaving the Swede to console himself with $19,894, leaving Gonzalez to secure the $32,392 top prize.

POWERFEST – High Roller Omaha Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Fabrizio Gonzalez Mexico $32,392
2 Simon Lofberg Sweden $19,894
3 Darren Presley Canada $12,974
4 Boris Angelov Bulgaria $8,995
5 Epsen Myrmo New Zealand $6,660
6 Bujtas Laszlo Hungary $5,580
7 Anssi Kinttala Finland $4,802

Other POWERFEST Results

  • MihailKrug977 – first-place in the $215 POWERFEST 7-Max Knockout for $11,183*
  • euvogozaaaa – first-place in the $55 POWERFEST #22 Mini Turbo Knockout for $9,283*
  • TheBryomMouse34 – first-place in the $215 POWERFEST Omaha for $6,721
  • Uruk-Hai – first-place in the $109 POWERFEST Deepstack Hyper for $5,407
  • Your Dad – first-place in the $22 POWERFEST Mini 7-Max Knockout for $4,683*
  • lavington – first-place in the $22 POWERFEST Mini Omaha for $1,518
  • Bluffmynuts – first-place in the $11 POWERFEST Mini Deepstack Hyper for $1,291
  • max131415 – first-place in the $5.50 POWERFEST #22 Micro Turbo Knockout for $906*
  • Guinazu05 – first-place in the $2.20 POWERFEST Micro 7-Max Knockout for $341*
  • leftraru – first-place in the $2.20 POWERFEST Micro Omaha for $143
  • oniel25 – first-place in the $1.10 POWERFEST Micro Deepstack Hyper for $134

*includes bounty payments

POWERFEST Events Scheduled For April 22

Time (BST) Tournament Buy-in
16:05 POWERFEST 6-Max Deepstack: $30K Gtd $109
16:05 POWERFEST Mini 6-Max Deepstack: $10K Gtd $11
16:05 POWERFEST Micro 6-Max Deepstack: $1K Gtd $1.10
19:05 POWERFEST #23 High Roller: $250K Gtd $5,200
19:05 POWERFEST #24 Warm Up Day 1A: $250K Gtd $530
19:05 POWERFEST #24 Mini Warm Up Day 1A: $100K Gtd $55
19:05 POWERFEST #24 Micro Warm Up Day 1A: $15K Gtd $5.50
20:05 POWERFEST #18 The Big Fifty Knockout: $500K Gtd $55
21:05 POWERFEST #25 High Roller: $50K Gtd $1,050
22:05 POWERFEST 7-Max Hyper Knockout: $40K Gtd $215
22:05 POWERFEST Mini 7-Max Hyper Knockout: $15K Gtd $22
22:05 POWERFEST Micro 7-Max Hyper Knockout: $1.5K Gtd $2.20

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