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The 2021 WPT Online Series WPT500 Knockout event has its champion and that champion is Brazilian sensation Caio Pessagno. Some 2,054 partypoker players bought into this $1 million guaranteed event and Pessagno outfoxed and outlasted them all. Pessagno’s reward? A place in the WPT Online Series history books and a cool $102,704 cash prize.

WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table Results

Place Player Country Total prize
1 Caio Pessagno Brazil $102,704
2 Manfred Hermann Austria $87,615
3 Yulian Bogdanov Bulgaria $55,807
4 Diogo Coelho Malta $37,394
5 Sebastian Hoyes Villegas Mexico $21,908
6 Michiel Brummelhuis Netherlands $19,662
7 Charles La Boissonniere Canada $13,769
8 Fabiano Kovalski Brazil $11,095
9 Jerry Wong Canada $7,892

Prizes include bounty payments

Jerry Wong‘s tournament ended in a ninth place finish worth a combined $7,892. Wong busted during the 1,250,000/2,500,000/315,000a level. Charles La Boissonniere opened with a 5,400,000 raise from early position with , and chip leader Yulian Bogdanov three-bet to 15,125,000 with from the next seat along. The action folded to Wong in the cutoff and he ripped it in for 33,011,309 with . Only Bagdanov called. The board ran to send Wong to the rail.

Eighth place and $11,095 went to Fabiano Kovalski when he opened four-times the big blind to 12,00,000 with from the cutoff, leaving himself only 13,357,944 chips behind. Pessagno woke up with in the small blind; he three-bet to 24,900,000. Diogo Coelho ducked out from the big blind with pocket deuces. The rest of Kovalski’s chips went into the middle and he headed for the exits when the five community cards fell .

La Boissonniere was the next casualty of the final table. He was relatively short-stacked with less than 20 big blinds, so must have been delighted to look down at in the cutoff. He raised to 7,210,000 with his pocket rockets and received a call from Manfred Hermann in the big blind, who held . Hermann checked on the flop, La Boissonniere fired a 6,346,725 continuation bet only for Hermann to check-raise to 19,250,000, which was called. The turn saw Hermann set his opponent all-in for his 35,758,390 stack, a bet that La Boissonniere called. Aces were good right now but needed to avoid a club on the river. Unfortunately for La Boissonniere, the river was the and he busted in seventh place for $13,769.

Dutch grinder Michiel Brummelhuis, who has put together several deep runs during the series, crashed out in fifth place. The Dutchman bowed out during the 2,000,000/4,000,000/500,000a level. Bogdanov opened the betting with a raise to 8,920,000 with . Brummelhuis three-bet to 28,240,000 from the small blind with , and Bogdanov called. A flop reading saw Brummelhuis over-bet shove for 76,869,147 into the 63,480,000 pot, and Bogdanov snapped him off. The turn and river sent Brummelhuis to the showers.

Mexico’s Sebastian Hoyes Villegas impressive WPT500 Knockout run ended in a fifth-place finish worth $21,908. Villegas was down to a shade over ten big blinds when he busted. He pushed all-in from under the gun with and Bogdanov looked him up from the big blind with . The big pairs were not holding at this final table, and this was the case in this spot. Bogdanov sent Villegas to the sidelines courtesy of the five community cards falling .

Coelho crashed out in fourth place at the hands of Hermann. It was Hermann who started things off with a raise to 15,400,000 at the 3,000,000/6,000,000/700,000a level, doing so with . Coelho decided the best way to play his from the big blind was to rip it in for 123,977,234. However, Hermann liked the look of his pocket nines and made the call. Hermann’s ballsy call was rewarded with a set on the board.

Heads-up was set shortly after Coelho’s demise when Bogdanov fell by the wayside. The Bulgarian played some solid, aggressive poker, but it did not reap the rewards this time around, although third place weighed in at $55,807 with bounties included. He crashed out when Pessagno raised to 16,099,999 from the button with . Bogdanov three-bet to 110,600,000 with , leaving himself 69,831,658 behind. Those chips went into the middle after Hermann jammed for 219,707,956 with ; Pessagno folded. The board ran out to send Bogdanov home in third place.

Pessagno held a 604,049,738 to 418,864,613 chip lead over Hermann going into heads up and he never relinquished that lead. The final hand saw Hermann make it 17,600,000 to go with , and Pessagno defended his big blind with . The flop was greeted with a check-call from Passagno when Hermann bet 11,160,000. The turn saw Pessagno check again, Hermann bet 44,000,000 with his open-ended straight draw, and Pessagno call. On the river, Pessagno checked for a third time. Hermann continued his story by moving all-in (he actually left himself five chips behind), and Pessagno got his hands on Hermann’s entire stack and the title when he jammed.

WPT Online Series Events on May 26

The WPT500 Knockout may be done and dusted but there are still plenty more value-packed events for you to get your teeth into on May 26. Feast your eyes on this bustling schedule.

Time (BST) Tournament Buy-in
19:05 WPT #30 SuperStack Turbo Knockout: $100K Gtd $1,050
19:05 WPT #30 Mini SuperStack Turbo Knockout: $50K Gtd $109
19:05 WPT #30 Micro SuperStack Turbo Knockout: $10K Gtd $11
20:05 WPT #24 WPT500 Day 1C: $1M Gtd $530
20:05 WPT #25 Super50 Day 1C: $300K Gtd $55
20:05 WPT #26 Super5 Day 1C: $50K Gtd $5.50
20:05 WPT 6-Max Hyper Knockout $25K Gtd $265

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