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What an incredible turnout it was for the January edition of the Power Series Special Edition tournament. The $55 Sunday Bounty Hunter at 17:00 CET on January 13th had the same buy-in but its guarantee was boosted to $100,000.

A field of 2,312-entrants descended on partypoker and created a guarantee-busting prize pool of $121,380 that was shared among the top 312 finishers, plus whoever managed to eliminate an opponent during the event.

Team partypoker’s Renato “renatonomura” Nomura went the deepest of our pros, busting in 158th place for $74.56 and $140.93 worth of bounty payments. By the time the eight-handed final table was reached, everyone was guaranteed at least $604 from the main prize pool.

January 2019 Power Series Special Edition Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 IvanDontCry Russia $9,481 $5,074
2 resilience32 Germany $6,704 $2,853
3 TwoaceswinAA Lithuania $4,317 $821
4 janwest030 Germany $2,872 $135
5 Spraggs54321 United Kingdom $2,005 $1,710
6 TheTourist92 United Kingdom $1,369 $219
7 Gulyaev_AA Russia $939 $754
8 pbergeroo United Kingdom $604 $505

“pbergeroo” of the United Kingdom was the final table’s first casualty, their eighth-place finish netting them $604 plus $505 worth of bounties. The British player was joined on the rail by the first of two Russian, namely “Gulyaev” whose seventh-place finish saw them turn $55 into a combined score worth $1,693.

Two more British players fell by the wayside in fifth and sixth-place, “Spraggs54321” and “TheTourist92” respectively. These finishes were worth a $3,715 and $1,588 when bounty payments were added to their main prize.

Fourth-place and $3,007 went to German grinder “janwest030” before the elimination of Lithuania’s “TwoaceswinAA” in third-place, a finish worth a cool $5,138, sent the Power Series Special Edition into the heads-up stage.

The final two players, “resilience32” of Germany and “IvanDontCry” from Russia locked horns in a battle to get their hands on the lion’s share of the prize pool. When the dust settled, it was IvanDontCry who emerged victorious to claim $9,481 from the main prize pool and $5,074 worth of bounties for a combined prize of $14,555. Runner-up resilience32 netted a combined score of $9,557.

Power Series Special Edition Returns in February

The continued success of the Power Series Special Edition tournaments means another event will be selected to have its guarantee boosted significantly during February. Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds to learn when the next chance is to win big from a small investment.

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