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Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments are extremely popular, especially here at partypoker. They tend to play looser because they reward aggressive play, they’re available in a wide range of buy-ins, and they make it possible to win cold, hard cash without having to reach the money places of the tournament.

Big Bounty Hunter Key Facts

  • Buy-ins from $1.10 to $215
  • No rake charged on the bounty element, making our bounties bigger
  • Lower overall rake
  • Limited re-entries for a purer poker experience
  • Available in NLHE, PLO, and PLO8 formats

What Is a Big Bounty Hunter Tournament and How Do They Work?

Big Bounty Hunter is the name we’ve given to a massive selection of our PKO tournaments that run throughout the day, every day. Check the partypoker lobby now and you’ll find dozens of Big Bounty Hunters waiting for you to buy-in.

Now’s the time to listen if you’ve never played a Big Bounty Hunter tournament before. These tournaments come with buy-ins starting as low as only $1.10 and increasing all the way to $215. The prize pool is split in two: half goes to the main prize pool and the remaining 50% goes onto the head of each entrant.

The main prize pool is distributed like in a traditional poker tournament. Reach the money places, determined by the number of entrants, to win a share of this cash. You’ll notice first and second-place are almost identical. We do this because the bounty payments, more on those very soon, grow large when you get to the heads-up stage. The one-on-one battle is essentially a fight for the remaining bounties, which are often larger than the first-place prize!

How Do The Big Bounty Hunter Bounties Work?

Let’s talk you through an example to show how the Big Bounty Hunter bounties work.

Jumping into one of the $22 buy-in Big Bounty Hunters sees $10 go into the main prize pool, $11 into the bounty prize pool, and $1 is retained by us as the tournament fee. You’ll notice two things here that separate our PKO tournaments from the opposition.

First, more of the buy-in from our Big Bounty Hunters goes into the bounty prize pool. Second, we don’t charge rake on the bounty element of the buy-in so our overall rake is significantly lower.

The $11 earmarked for the bounty prize pool goes onto the head of every player who buys in. Bust an opponent and you instantly win 50% of their bounty and the remaining 50% goes onto your own head.

In our example, if you bust someone early in a $22 Big Bounty Hunter, you’d instantly win $5.50 and the other $5.50 would go onto your head, making your own bounty $16.50. If someone busted you at this point, they’d instantly win $8.25 and $8.25 would go onto their bounty.

Go all the way and take down the tournament and you get your hands on the total value of the bounty on your own head in addition to the prize money.

As you can see, you only need to eliminate a handful of opponents to be freerolling your way towards a share of the main prize pool.

When Can You Play a Big Bounty Hunter?

It’s probably easier to list when you can’t play a Big Bounty Hunter because there is so much choice on the current schedule. Instead of doing that, however, click this link here and you’ll be whisked away to our dedicated Bounty Hunter page where you can see all the scheduled tournaments.

Alternatively, fire up the partypoker client and type Big Bounty into the search box to list every scheduled Big Bounty Hunter tournament.

Happy hunting!

A Trio of Massive PKO Special Editions

There are a trio of, frankly, massive Special Edition PKO tournaments coming your way in July. We’ve given all three a significant boost to their guarantees while keeping their buy-ins the same. You simply can’t miss these events if you’re a fan of big bounty hunter tournaments.



Date Time (ET) Time (CET) MTT Buy-in
Sat 11 Jul 12:30 18:30 Big Bounty Hunter $33: $50K Gtd [Special Edition] $33
Wed 15 Jul 13:30 19:30 Mini Gladiator: $30K Gtd [Special Edition] $11
Sat 18 Jul 13:30 19:30 Gladiator: $100K Gtd [Special Edition] $55

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