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Sunday 30th June saw several massive Power Series events take place, each with substantial guaranteed prize pools thanks to it being Super Sunday.

Three of the biggest tournaments of the day are detailed below, which include Team Online’s Jaime Staples reaching the final table of the Sunday Gladiator and both “Shaundeeb” and “HugoBarbero” navigating their way to two big final tables.

Sunday Gladiator: $150K Gtd

  • Entrants: 479
  • Buy-in: $320
  • Prize pool: $150,000
  • Places paid: 64

The $320 Sunday Gladiator saw $150,000 split between the top 64 finishers and the 479 entrants, the biggest prize pool of the evening on June 30th.

“cheveuxbleu” was the last player standing and banked an impressive $10,978 from the main prize pool plus an additional $14,652 from the bounty prize pool, including the substantial prize on the head of runner-up “l_qxg9y” who collected $10,962 plus $4,144.

It looked for a while like one of our Team Online stars was going to emerge victorious but Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples saw his tournament end in fifth-place, which was good for $3,711 plus $1,115. Staples was extremely unlucky when it mattered the most, losing with ace-king to his opponent’s dominated ace-jack while streaming on his Twitch channel.

Everyone at the final table won at least $2,378 when bounties were taken into consideration, a decent return on $320. you can compete in this event each week for a fraction of a cost by winning your way in via satellites or the new bounty satellites that give you the chance to win both cash and tournament tickets.

Place Player Prize Bounty
1 cheveuxbleu $10,978 $14,652
2 l_qxg9y $10,962 $4,144
3 traumfanger $7,520 $750
4 NowNowNow $5,231 $1,425
5 jaimestaples $3,711 $1,115
6 ITISBAKINGDAVE $2,697 $2,110
7 PCAmish $1,921 $1,708
8 Kingo99 $1,389 $1,349

Sunday High Roller Gladiator: $100K Gtd

  • Entrants: 55
  • Buy-in: $2,100
  • Prize pool: $112,750
  • Places paid: 7

A field of 77 players turned out for the $2,100 Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter this week and the top seven finishers won a share of half the $112,750 prize pool.

It was a great tournament for “HugoBarbero” and “Shaundeeb” who finished in fourth and third-place respectively. Fourth-place was worth $5,593 plus $1,968 from the bounty prize pool, while third-place secured a $9,322 prize boosted by $1,968 worth of bounties. Both players would later reach the final table of another high roller event, more on that soon.

The eventual champion was “Suicidebomber” who defeated “skitzo7932” heads-up for the title. Second-place saw $14,599 plus $4,987 head to the partypoker account of skitzo7932 while the winner padded their bankroll with $14,610 plus a huge bounty payment of $27,168.

Place Player Prize Bounty
1 Suicidebomber $14,610 $27,168
2 skitzo7932 $14,599 $4,987
3 Shaundeeb $9,322 $1,968
4 HugoBarbaro $5,593 $1,968
5 PacoSILVERIO $4,350 $3,937
6 CarpePiscis $3,573 $2,625
7 DontDo_IT $2,951 $

Sunday High Roller Terminator: $100K Gtd

  • Entrants: 110
  • Buy-in: $1,050
  • Prize pool: $112,200
  • Places paid: 16

After reaching the final table of the Sunday High Roller Gladiator: $100K Gtd event, Shaundeeb and HugoBarbero saw themselves at the final table of the Sunday High Roller Terminator: $100K Gtd.

Shaundeeb fell in fourth-place and added $5,174 plus $926 to what they won earlier, while HugoBarbero fell at the final hurdle, busting in second-place for $10,343 plus $4,095 worth of bounty payments.

“NoGUTSNOGloryAA” was the player who busted HugoBarbero, meaning they turned their $1,050 into the $10,355 top prize and a cool $17,468 from the bounty prize pool.

Place Player Prize Bounty
1 N0GUTSNOGloryAA $10,355 $17,468
2 HugoBarbaro $10,343 $4,095
3 moooi $7,392 $1,040
4 Shaundeeb $5,174 $926
5 n0sebirs $3,844 $1,430
6 elgato_volador $2,956 $
7 Baazinga $2,365 $3,932
8 GotYASon $1,922 $845

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