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Slovenia, glorious Slovenia! What a beautiful view and how amazing it is to be finally reunited with my long lost son.

We even sat at the same table together at WPT Slovenia, he has big heart. Luke (Sorry John) I am your father – come and feel my force!

Anyway, this isn’t the only reason to feel joyous as today ladies and gentleman is Christmas Day. Yes, online cash games have started on – it is time to celebrate for the food we are about to be given.

Merry Christmas to the Italian fishies – it is almost unbelievable that we haven’t had access to them – it is a day to indulge, eat too much and then flop out on the sofa.

My message to you is simple. Today is now forever going to be Christmas Day in the Tony G household.

I am going to move to Italy – I want to become the Lithuanian ambassador to Rome. I want seafood and pizza and pasta. This is a significant day in the history of online poker – it is a day when a whole load of bad cash players come to the online tables. I love it.

As for further celebrations – I aim to win WPT Slovenia, take my son to school on the way and then head down the road to the Poker Grand Prix in Nova Gorica. It is a small buy in but I am feeling good and want in to the high stakes game that is going on and supposed to be exclusive to Italians. As I said before, I demand an entry.

By the way, I wrote before about how I am in dancing training. I am not kidding you about this and am going to be a ballroom whizz. I even have my instructor here with me in Slovenia.

In the meantime, keep up with my progress at WPT Slovenia here.


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