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Many of you have asked me about what I think about the WSOP Main Event and November Nine and that we have been living separate lives. Firstly, I have to say that the team at PokerNews did a fantastic job and that they are a credit to the industry.

I was also impressed with the fact that the live action was shown on ESPN and think and hope it has done a lot of good for the game. With everything going on at the moment it is great to take the game into the mainstream.

I thought Antonio Esfandiari was good in the box, my team mate Kara Scott was outstanding as ever and Phil Hellmuth even managed to make a big noise and not talk about himself quite so much in commentary which is progress. All very positive and definitely a step in the right direction.

As for the November Nine I was looking at the betting and see that Martin Zasko – friend of my faithful German Shepherd is currently regarded as favourite. Did we think before that Zasko was a sure bet to get a bracelet?

Donnacha O’Dea’s son looks to be a good player (just wait in the coming years son you’ll be travelling around bum hunting in cash games – no son of mine!) while will anybody really be able to silence the Ben Lamb. Great player but he doesn’t say a lot – lamb to the Zasko slaughter? Can he keep his magical form going for one more night. We will see.

As for Phil Collins I was actually watching TV the other night and happened to turn on ‘A Night With Phil Collins.’ He was singing soul music rather than Genesis. Can he win against all odds? Will the cards be in the air tonight? What was his winning card – two hearts living in just one mind, beating together to the end of time?

Poor lad, must have been getting this his whole life – sometimes I bet he just wishes people who live in a land of confusion like me had the invisible touch and would just go away. Does he know Chris Ferguson? Jesus he knows me and he knows I’m right, been talking to Jesus (I wish, where’s the Professor?) all my life.

Sorry for the crap jokes. Did I miss again? I think I missed again. How many Phil Collins or Genesis song titles do you spot in this blog – answers at the foot of the blog please. $20 to the one I think is the winner – it is harder than you think.

Rubbing my hands together

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Some of you may think that the nearest I get to the Venice is a Venetian deep stack in Vegas but I write this from my gondola. As many of you know I am spending a lot of time learning to ballroom dance for reasons Phil Hellmuth certainly wouldn’t be interested in!

I am playing poker and was smashing it in the Sunday Bike Ride yesterday before coming to Venice so I feel my life has a good balance at the moment. I know you’ll say that I can’t dance but dancing is good for the health, poker is good for my mind.

I am afraid to say they didn’t let me play in High Stakes Italy at the end – it’s a shame because it would have been easy money. I understand it is happening this afternoon and will be streamed with hole cards and a 30 minute delay – disappointing but my Italian language skills haven’t come on as much as I wanted them too. I think they were scared of me – they realized they were in too deep.

I am still rubbing my hands together with glee after celebrating the launch of Italian online cash games and am really thinking of staying here in Italy for a while. I enjoy the way of life and the potential rewards of being a big online cash game player on

As i write this I am looking out from the gondola (no jacket required, lovely day) and I see a big fish (no I am not looking in a mirror) – in fact I see a huge pool of them! Another day in paradise indeed.

So how many Phil Collins or Genesis song titles do you spot in this blog post? $20 to the winner.


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