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A lot of you have been asking where I am in Vegas. I am in Europe with my family, have been busy looking for the Professor, and getting ready for the €3,000 + €300 WPT Slovenia which gets underway at Casino Portorož on the 17th July.

I wonder how many players have the true heart and commitment to make the trip after their Main Event bust out. I have been to this area before – a great place to chill, amazing scenery.

I am even going to host a special dinner for those with the heart and commitment to travel 10,000 kilometres from a WSOP Main Event bust out to peaceful Slovenia.

I chose to go to Slovenia for the WPT for one very simple reason. I think the field will be weak and I am bringing some great players with me to carve up the field. Am I saying Slovenians are poor poker players? In fact, I am not – with its proximity to the Italian border this is an Italian tournament which means making the money here should be like taking candy from a baby.

Moving to Rome with my own Roman army

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Poker is a sport but also a business and you have to seek out profitable opportunities. The sharks are in Vegas so while they are away this big Aussie crocodile with Lithuanian stripes will play… and devour. The Italians like their food but not as much as me!

In the coming days online cash games launch in Italy for the first time and this day will be my new Christmas Day from here on. All these Italians new to playing online poker! Santa couldn’t bring me a better present. On the day they finally launch I will celebrate with turkey, a tree and carols. Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant!

It is for this reason that I have asked my sponsors to transfer me to be the new ambassador for but they are having none of it. They had Totti and Fisichella but I’m the real number ten! I will move to Rome with my own Roman army crushing everything in my way.

After the WPT Slovenia there is the Poker Grand Prix event in Nova Gorica on the 21st and it is only 40 kilometres away ACROSS THE BORDER IN ITALIAN FISH LAND. It is only a €1,500 tournament but the organizers are having their own high stakes game while it is going on.

The problem? They have said I cannot enter because I don’t speak Italian? I have my Italian phrasebook and am learning how to say on your bike, or on your Ducati maybe. Whose your best player – the Pirate Pescatori or the angelic Dario Minieri? Don’t be scared, don’t be weak!


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