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Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event 2011 was played today. 57 players remained of the starting 6,865 and they were guaranteed a minimum of $130,997 each.

PartyPoker had two survivors, online qualifiers Nicolas Fierro from Chile with 3,800,000 and Jody Howe from Canada with 1,065,000. The average chipstack was at 3,613,158.

Early in the day short-stacked Howe showed all-in preflop with and was called by Samuel Holden who was holding . Sixes remained the best until the river, where hit to send Howe home in 52nd place. Jody Howe won $160,036 – congratulations!

Fierro on the other hand started very well. He won more than half a million early on without a showdown. He continued hovering around 4,000,000 chips until just before the dinner break.

Fierro, seated at the ESPN-televised Secondary Table, raised under the gun but was re-raised all-in by Scott Schwalich. Fierro called with but was dominated by .

Fierro did hit a pair of Queens on the Turn but there was no help on the river for the last standing PartyPoker qualifier, and Nicolas Fierro was out in 34th place. Fierro picked $242,636 for his efforts – congratulations!

All in all a great WSOP Main Event for PartyPoker qualifiers – 13 players cashed for more than $750,000 total. Good game all!

  • 649. Patryk Hopner $19,359
  • 600. Ramin Henke $21,295
  • 547. David Stimpar $23,876
  • 513. Primoz Cimerman $23,876
  • 473. Neil McFayden $27,103
  • 392. Andras Kovacs $30,974
  • 366. David Lenz $30,974
  • 351. Martin Ross $35,492
  • 327. Giovanni Rizzo $35,492
  • 284. Per Strom $40,654
  • 84. Robin Colbin $76,146
  • 52. Jody Howe $160,036
  • 34. Nicolas Fierro $242,636

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