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PartyPoker was represented by 3 online qualifiers at the start of day 6 of WSOP Main Event 2011.

Among the final 142 players were Jody Howe from Canada with 1,062,000 chips, Nicolas Fierro from Chile with 672,000 and short-stacked Robin Colbin from Sweden with 380,000.

Fierro went to over a million early on as he found himself all-in preflop with dominating of his opponent.

Both Howe and Colbin were seated at the ESPN Feature Table getting themselves some TV time alongside last year’s November Niner Joseph Cheong.

Colbin went all-in from the small blind for about 350,000 with but got called by the third place finisher in the 2010 Main Event Joseph Cheong with . Colbin got lucky with the on the river to keep himself alive in the tournament.

Fierro continued the good run picking up , calling a preflop all-in from an opponent who had .

Also Howe got to double-up when his pocket hit trips on the flop and got all-in versus a top pair.

Colbin won a great hand just before the dinner break with all-in preflop vs. . Colbin flopped a and got quads on the river with , moving him over 1,6 million at the dinner.

At the dinner break our players were at:

  • Robin Colbin 1,655,000
  • Jody Howe 1,190,000
  • Nicolas Fierro 1,150,000

Unfortunately Colbin was knocked out in 84th place soon after the dinner break. He had and moved all-in on the flop of but was called by and got no help on the turn or the river. Colbin got $76,146 for his efforts – impressive!

Howe found himself pretty short, but found when he needed them. Howe moved all-in, was called by and there was no Queen on the board.

Fierro flopped top 2 pair with on a flop of . His opponent had a straight-flush draw but luckily for Fierro didn’t hit it.

57 players out of starting 6865 survived the day 6 of the WSOP Main Event. The average chipstack is at 3,613,158 and each of the remaining 57 players are secured a minimum of $130,997.

PartyPoker’s online qualifier Nicolas Fierro is in with 3,800,000 and Jody Howe is in with 1,065,000.

WSOP Main Event continues with day 7 on Monday 18th July at 12 PM local time. We are playing down to the final 18 players.

PartyPoker cashes until now:

  • 649. Patryk Hopner $19,359
  • 600. Ramin Henke $21,295
  • 547. David Stimpar $23,876
  • 513. Primoz Cimerman $23,876
  • 473. Neil McFayden $27,103
  • 392. Andras Kovacs $30,974
  • 366. David Lenz $30,974
  • 351. Martin Ross $35,492
  • 327. Giovanni Rizzo $35,492
  • 284. Per Strom $40,654
  • 84. Robin Colbin $76,146

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