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Distressing news came my way as I sit in the UK. I have been invited to another party at the PlayBoy Mansion but I am not still in LA! Is it worth a flight and taking holiday?

“No, you didnt get to the grotto area, thats what it is all about, ” said an envious friend over dinner. Fair enough I will rock back to Gibraltar next week then!

I met up with the guys from Foxy Bingo yesterday. After my trip to Disneyland I wrote that I now knew what direction I wanted my career to move in. I want to be Foxy. Therefore I had to ask:

“You know I want to be Foxy, how about I dress as him and go to the Playboy Mansion, I’m sure I wont scare anyone.” Perhaps that’s my ticket back to Hefner’s bunny palace I thought?

“Would you let a fox amongst all those rabbits,” was the response.

Operation Foxy is clearly not going well. I became even more excited when I heard that you could talk to Foxy himself on Twitter. One of the original founders of the Foxy business said I could never be Foxy – I was more suitable as a leading candidate to become Foxy’s evil older brother (Fantastic Mr Fox?).

I showed a picture last time of how the Foxy brand may go on the downswing based on my zippee doo da day at Disneyland.


However this article from The Daily Telegraph says it all: Three hens and a cockerel fought off and killed a fox which broke into their coup scavenging for food.


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  1. Thanks for the link to my Tweet page big lad.

    I would love to get to the US not sure customs would be too happy about my presence unless I get my pal George Clooney to come with us – (he was the voice of Fantastic Mr Fox and he taught me how to whistle which may be handy for Hugh’s gaff).

    See you soon.