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Elnadebeer WPT package poker winner

The “pick your own WPT” promotion is well underway at PartyPoker tables. The satellite with a guarantee of three $15,000 WPT packages is played every Sunday but there are qualifiers that you can play daily. One of the latest winners is Elnadebeer and this is her story…

Over the moon with my prize

I am absolutely over the moon with my prize. It was totally unexpected, because I am still a rookie. I only started playing in November 2009.

I bought in into the $3 qualifier and then qualified for the $55, $88 and $800 qualifiers.

The whole experience was a key moment and I couldn’t believe any of the successes. I could not believe that you can finish under the qualifiers against so many players. In four different tournaments in a row, with the little experience I have.

Tournament finished at 02:45, I was very tired but could not sleep

The highlight was when the fourth person went out and I realized that I won the prize. Although the tournament finished at 02:45, and I was very tired, I could not sleep.

At one stage very early in the game I was down to just a few chips and decided this was now the end, and decided to go all in with a not so good hand. I think the other players could read my mind and a few of them called me. THEN THAT HAND TOOK THE POT, and I was back to close to 20,000 chips. It felt as if I got a second chance and I decided to be more carefull. After that things just happened for me.

My son downloaded Partypoker onto my PC and I started to play with play money and won. Then I decided that I am going to try real money, on the single tables. My son told me that you can play longer if you play tournaments, so I tried it, and enjoyed it TOO MUCH!

But I never even thought of winning.

I love to watch Phil Hellmuth because of his intimidating personality

I never played poker in my life before, but I love watching Poker on TV. I love to watch Phil Ivy because he seems to be so cool, calm and in control and Phil Hellmuth because of his intimidating personality. I would like to meet both but I do not think I would like to play against them.

I would like to play WPT in Hollywood or Nevada but they are too expensive, so I will look for a cheaper one, so that my husband can join me on the trip.

You have a chance of winning your own $15,000 WPT package and you can also pick your favourite WPT destination. Qualifiers start from daily freerolls but you can also buy-in directly this Sunday for $750+50 only on PartyPoker.


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