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Bodo Sbrzesny Tennis AustraliaTeamParty pro Bodo Sbrzesny looks back at his Australian experience – the Aussie Millions and the Australian Open in tennis.

It was a bad day for me when I busted in the main event of the Aussie Millions after a good 1st day. I begun with 57k chips at 48k average. But I was card dead like I never saw it before!

If the “72o-game” was running I could make a lot of money, but in a tournament I shouldn’t play that much with 72o.

After I blinded out pretty much what I really do NOT like, I had to push AK with 13 big blinds and got a call from 33. That’s all beside a few smaller things which doesn’t count that much. But I’m still happy with my game and looking forward for my upcoming challenges.

Ticket for the Australian Open semi final mens

I wrote with my poker students and analyzed some poker hands, updated my website, watched a boring women’s tennis semi final match and asked Naomi from the “Party Poker Events Support” for a ticket for the Australian Open semi final mens.

I was invited for a good dinner at 9pm and was really happy about that! At 3pm I went to the city, walked around and enjoyed the time there. I withdrew some money for the cash game later.

Then I told Naomi I go to sleep before the dinner and I don’t read emails anymore and she should call me if anything is urgent. On 6.58pm I got the message she got GOOD tickets for the 7.30pm match and I went there instantly with Henrik (Australian PartyPoker guy). It was really nice to watch, crazy points, good atmosphere, good weather and really good seats! Thank you PartyPoker for this nice evening!

Play some cash game and enjoy my vodka-lemonade

Now I will play some cash game and enjoy my vodka-lemonade on the table. Hopefully I don’t lose that much more than last year as I missed 20k after the session I remember. At the beginning I had bad luck for about 12k, and the end I lost 8k cause of drunk. But I still had fun and sometimes you need stuff like that… but please not too often.

For the upcoming days here I will play 1 side event and with about 12-15 other players I will go to a sports centre where you can play volleyball, tennis, soccer etc and we will run some small challenges there. If you win or not, it will be FUN, that’s for sure!


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